How To Throw An Instagram Worthy Party | EGO

We all want that perfect insta-shot right? Why not jazz up your NYE party blogger-style to get the most visually appealing celebration around.


1. Invite your best girlfriends over...

There’s nothing better than partying with your BFF’s are we right? So round up your girls and get the ultimate #girlboss squad on the go. Whether you’re getting dressed up to the nines or chillin’ out sleepover style, you’ll have the best time.


2. Stock up the bar...

We all know alcohol is an essential for any party. Rather than having cans of beer or half open bottles of wine lying round, why not style it up into a mini bar? Line up your fave spirits, get a selection of fancy glasses, straws and mixers and you’re good to go. Stock up too, there’s no such thing as too much booze at a party.



3. Food food food...

Just like alcohol, food is another essential you can’t go without. NYE parties are all about mini versions of everything or pick n mix style treats and it’s all so cute!



4. Get your glow on...

Lighting is crucial to any insta-shot. Style your house with fairy lights, a disco ball or even a strobe light depending on what kind of party you’re throwing. Whatever you do just don’t leave the main light on, we all know they’re not cute for a selfie.



5. Decorate...

Liven up your living room with some fun bunting, a glitter curtain and loads of glitter balloons. Aka just cover your house in glitter. You won’t regret it.



6. Make your own photo booth.

Photo booths are so much fun at parties so why not build your own? Cover a wall with a plain backdrop or glitter curtain, then stock up on props. Silly hats? Yep. 2017 glasses? Yep. Oversized blow up instruments? Yep. The tackier and sillier the better. 



7. Tune in…

Whether you’re planning to hire a DJ, get a friend to play or stick on a spotify playlist; you’re gonna need some good tunes on the go to keep the party going. 





Happy New Year! 

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