Happy Pancake day!

For those of you who have no idea what this is, well it's a day in which you eat so your ass get's even bigger and you chow on down on pancakes. Why you may ask? Because we can. With pancakes day comes everyone's different versions, as not every pancake has to be bad? Yeah, I know what your thinkin', where is the actual fun in that eh?

So, for all of you good gym lovers out there or general health conscious people, here at EGO we give to you the three main pancake categories; The Good, The Bad and the damn right ugly. BTW by saying ugly we mean those monstrious portions of pancakes that maybe dont look so appealin', but are damn right amazn'. 


The Good


Healthy? Love to be followin' on that pancake day trend but with a little less calories?

See these options below:


Spinch pancakes

-Yeah, you heard right....


spinach pancakes with ego on pancake day


Spinich potato pancakes


spinach pancakes with ego on pancake day with potatoes


Now, onto the best of them all....The Bad


Nutella stuffed pancakes


nutella stuffed pancakes and the ego inspo


Syrup pancakes 


syrup pancakes with ego



Chocolate goodness- who doesnt love a bit of chocolate, eh?


double chocolate pancakes with ego



And now....for the down right "ugly". 

By ugly we're meanin' so ridiculously big its lookin' like it can't be eaten...or can it?


Red Berry heights 


pancake day INSPO with EGO 


Double choc and profiterole topped goodness


pancake day INSPO with EGO


The party pancake 


party pancake with ego



-So, what kind of pancake tickles your fancy on pancake day?

We're all definitely down for the party one


-With love, The EGO Team x