5 Pinterest Hacks You Need To Try



Pinterest has taken the world by storm with it’s lust-worthy pictures, tips and boards. Alongside all the makeup goals, hair-spiration and outfit shots are some surprisingly good DIY tips. Here’s a lowdown of our top 5.


1. Use tape to create the perfect smokey eye.

Favoured by makeup artist’s far and wide, this hack will help you create the most perfectly neat smokey eye in no time. Simply snip a little tape, place it from the outer corner of your eye going up to your brow bone then blend away. You can also apply eyeliner whilst wearing the tape, meaning your flick will stay as sharp as your stilettos.

  (Jennifer Chiu - YouTube)


2. Use hairspray as a brow gel.

Run out of brow gel? No problem. Simply spray a little hairspray onto a spoolie and comb it through your brows as you would normally. The hairspray will ensure they stay put and don’t budge all day. If you haven’t got a spoolie to hand, a toothbrush works just as good. Although we don’t recommend re-using it afterwards. You can also use this trick to tame baby hairs when opting for a slick up-do.





3. Use baby shampoo to wash your makeup brushes.

We’re all guilty of not washing our makeup brushes enough. Whether we’ve got too many and can’t be bothered or we’ve run out of brush cleaner; they never get cleaned as often as they should. Now you’ve got no excuses as they can be done with baby shampoo. Pick up a bottle for around £2 from any supermarket or drugstore and wash away. No need to splurge on that expensive MAC one when good old Johnson’s does the job just as well.




4. Baking your makeup.

Yep, along with strobing, contouring and highlighting; baking is now a thing. Thankfully it’s one of the more easier tips to master and can help your makeup last all day. Do your foundation and concealer as normal, then grab a loose translucent powder and a damp beauty sponge and pack it on under your eyes, under your contour and on your chin. Leave it to ‘bake’ for five to ten minutes whilst you do the rest of your makeup, then come back at the end and dust it away. You’ll be left with a flawless base that lasts all day. If Kim K’s makeup artist loves it then so do we.


(Heidi Hamoud - YouTube)


5. Use your old shoe boxes as organisers.

If like us you love shoes, then you’ve probably accumulated a fair few shoe boxes. Instead of chucking them away, why not use them to organise your drawers, shelves or cupboards? With the lid off, shoe boxes fit perfectly into most drawers and can be used to separate pretty much anything; from socks to sunglasses to beauty products. If the box doesn’t fit in your drawer, simply cut it down to size using some scissors. Jobs a good'un.