Shake ya' Pom Pom's


 "Shake ya pom pom's, Shake ya pom pom's, Shake ya pom poooom's"


Okay, so this ain’t the actual wording for the song but it fit’s so, SO well. Coming into this winter is the beyond amazin’ trend of faux fur stylin’. From the scarf to the shoe, faux fur is all the rage with EGO and fashionista’s right now. So, with this in mind we thought it only right to show more #inspo on the trend that's grippin' the fashion nation and just how those Pom Pom's come into it....


For most the faux fur is a statement peice to make their outfit pop (as above). However, there is the odd brave one who opt's for something a little wilder. See this below in the crop faux fur top.

If your aiming to copy either of these styles make sure your statement peice is a bright colour, as afterall you want to be standin' outta the crowd?!

For those of you who fancy to be a little darin' and wear an actual faux fur full garment, opt for lighter tones as it adds classic sass. 


 And now It only seems right to introduce you to our fave 'Una' heels. 

Laced up, Pointed with a faux suede finish and an actual POM POM to match, they're an absolute furry steal. Be sure to pick these up to add glamorour and edge to your outfit whether it be day or night.

See below for each of the 'Una' colour options along with some added outfit inspo.



Direct links to all the above Pom Pom beauties can be found here -Happy Shopping! 

-Also for more pom pom lovin and #inspo on the faux fur factor, head to our Pinterest board here 

-The EGO Team x


P.S. Do you love to rock a bit of faux fur?