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It’s that time of year again when the whole ‘new year new me’ mantra comes back around. But who are we kidding? We’re still the same cold-hearted, sarcastic, wine-loving, chocolate-eating, gym-hating girls we were a few days ago. Whilst the idea of a New Year's resolution is nice, we bet half of yours won’t make it till the end of January. Here’s where we’re all going to go wrong…


1. Eating Healthily…


The first week is fine. You’ve had enough chocolate over Christmas to last a year so don’t actually mind taking a short break. But come mid-January when the January blues kick in; you’re going to need some junk to make it to the end of the month. Unless you have insanely good willpower, you’re going to cave at some point. Whether it’s on pizza, chocolate, sweets or crisps; there’s no point in cutting them out completely. It just doesn’t work. Instead, why not treat yourself at the weekends and eat healthy during the week? Best of both worlds.


2. Exercising More…

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Again, after a week or two the likelihood of giving up is pretty high. Throwing yourself into a hardcore workout routine just a week after you’ve spent two weeks watching films and eating chocolate is going to be tough, really tough. Instead why not ease yourself in gently? Starting at working out one or two times a week then upping the amount as you get used to it. You’re so much more likely to stick at it this way. Well, we hope we can stick at it.


3. Saving Money…

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Yep. This ain’t gonna happen either. Whilst it would be a great one to actually work out, we guarantee that after a month or so you’re going to cave on those shoes you’ve been lusting over. Going cold turkey on anything just doesn’t work. Why not put a small amount away each week instead of going on a complete spending ban? It’s surprising how quickly it can add up. That way you can still get those shoes.


4. Drinking Less…

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There’s no way around this one; you’re going to have a drink at some point. Sure the benefits of cutting out alcohol probably outweigh the pros of drinking it; but where’s the fun in that? Plus that leftover Christmas booze ain’t gonna drink itself. Pass us some tequila and let’s keep on dancing. It’s the only way to make it through the misery of a month that is January.


5. Making Loads Of Resolutions…



It’s just not going to happen. The more you make the harder they are to achieve; especially extreme ones like the above. A way to get round this one is setting little goals and not moving onto the next until you’ve achieved that one. Start with eating healthy for three weeks. Last that long? Then add in some exercise a few times a week. Before you know it you’ll have all your goals under control and keep on being that total #GIRLBOSS that you are.


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2017, we got this.




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