News Flash: Back in stock

With so many fierce styles we're sellin' out quicker than ever, but what can you do when you want that sass?

So, as we love to keep you in the trends and bang on fashion we've re-stocked some of our fave styles. 


See below for our re-stocked beauties which are able to buy today. 

P.s To shop the items just simply click the photo's.



re-stocking the boots with the fierce thea 




chloe boots back in stock at ego. lets get you lookin feirce 




zina boots back in stock. Get your yeezy on with ego 






bashing out the lily boots that are back in stock  





re-stocked heels with ego  


 ivy grey boot re-stocked at ego



olivia boot back in stock with ego


ruby boot back in stock with ego


-Happy Shoppin' you beauties. 


 With Love, The EGO Team x