Chocolate Bars They Don't Make Anymore...But We Wish They Did | EGO

If Easter has taught us anything, it's that chocolate comes and goes. We're feeling nostalgic (and pretty old) when talking about our past time favourite chocolate bars that you can't buy for general sale any more....

Cadbury's Snaps

Not quite a Pringle and not quite a chocolate bar. Cadbury's Snaps were the perfect appetite filler and great for sharing with your friends (and yourself of course). These highly addictive bites have been discontinued, but you can get similar in Aldi, they're called Belgian Chocolate Waves. They're the closest we can get our hands on right now.

Cadbury's Spira

"You would get a hot chocolate, and then drink it through a Spira because it had holes in - they were amazing" - this a quote from our very own, and very nostalgic graphic designer here at EGO head office. An old retro bar that has been discontinued for years won't be making a comeback anytime soon - so in the mean time we will make do with a Twirl or a Flake.

Mars Delight

Mars Delights were a perfect alternative to a chunky and quite sickly, Mars Bar. This chocolate bar was only around for four years before it was taken off our shelves in 2008. This chocolate bar was so highly demanded, there was even a petition for it to return that had a following of 6,000 angry Mars Delight fans. If you feel strongly about this, then you can sign the legit petition here.


A Dad's favourite was a box of Mingles on Father's Day. These mints chocolates disappeared off the shelved back in 2011.

Cadbury's Dream

This was probably the only white chocolate bar that the we loved from Cadburys. Not only were Dreams available in a fun size, they were also in our boxes of Heroes at Christmas - remember? We'll never know why these were taken away from us....

Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses

These were a Christmas favourite. These festive chocolate bites were half truffle and half caramel - and they went down so well with a warm cup of tea in the middle of wrapping up Christmas presents. Thanks to Galaxy - we'll never get to experience that again :(

KitKat Senses

Can you remember these? If not, we're sure a certain Girls Aloud promo will jog your memory. These break time saviours were discontinued in 2006.