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If you haven’t already heard, denim is one of the key fabrics for SS17. You can read all about it in our Trend Report. One of our fave celebs who always looks good in denim is Rihanna. Whatever style she’s wearing in whatever colour; she slays. Here’s 7 times she nailed it...


1. That time she wore it as an oversized coat…

We didn’t think a tent-sized denim coat could look good on anyone but Ri quickly proved us wrong. She styled hers with a back to front cap and a crisp white sweater. The pop of her neon pink courts make this outfit work. We love it.

Rihanna Denim Coat


2. That time she rocked an off the shoulder jacket with a matching mini skirt…

This could be one of our fave Ri-Ri looks of all time. Who knew you could wear a denim jacket off the shoulder?! Especially with a matching mini skirt and silver boots. But once again Rihanna completely slayed it. As she always does.

Rihanna Denim Style Silver Boots


3. That time she wore light triple denim...

Forget double denim, triple denim is here. With a matching shirt, skirt and bag, Ri showed us how to make it look cool. Gone are the days of Britney & Justin, it’s cool to match your fabrics now.

Rihanna Denim Style


4. That time she wore dark triple denim…

If you weren’t that keen on the light denim get up then this one is deffo for you. The culottes combined with a baggy denim dress and matching booties is such a cool look. Paired with some chunky chains, a cap to keep it street and a Louie V bag, Ri knows how to work it.

Rihanna Denim Style


5. That time she wore those waist belt boots…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you know about Ri’s Manalo boots. Thigh high with an attached waist belt, these are the most badass boots around. Get a similar look with our Lisa Belted Thigh Boots.

Rihanna Manalo Boots Denim


6. That time she kept it classic…

This is a look everyone can pull off easily. Grab a simple denim shirt, pair it with your fave jeans and you’re good to go. We love how she spiced this outfit up with some killer accessories, cute heels and a poppin’ red lip. Here’s some shoes we think would look ace with this outfit.  

Rihanna Denim Style


7. That time she wore lace up heels…

Just like denim, band tees are everywhere right now and we love how Ri wore hers with a cut off mini skirt. Her lace up heels really give this outfit that girly-grunge vibe she does so well. Steal her style with our Gina Denim Lace Up Heels.

Rihanna Denim Coat


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