In this week's #EGOUNLOCKED we're chattin' to Sadé Emoni, a 22 year old singer/songwriter from New Jersey who's destined for big things...

Sade Emoni

Tell us about yourself in tweet form...

Hi Ego! My name is Sadé Emoni and I’m a singer/songwriter from New Jersey. I’m the down to earth gal with the big heart and lots of ambition sprinkled on top! Music was introduced to me in church at a very young age and hasn’t left my life since.

How did you end up where you are in life right now?

Church helped me discover my voice and many experiences like American Idol and the Apollo gave me the confidence to take my gift seriously. Constantly creating and releasing my spin on some of the hottest songs out is what introduced me to my audience.

What’s been your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment would have to be releasing my first project “222”. I received a vision and set a goal/deadline that seemed unrealistic at the time but I stuck with it and created my first full body of work.

Sade Emoni

Who or what would you cite as your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration would have to be my personal desire for success and being able to inspire others all over the world. I’m often inspired by a lot of different things and people, familiar and unfamiliar but my biggest inspiration would have to be that, my desire to win and not fail at the big goals that I’ve set for myself.

What’s on your playlist right now?

My playlist has a lot of chill music right now with artists like Jhene Aiko, H.E.R and Frank Ocean but I also have some legends playing too. Whitney Houston’s Live Albums in particular has been something for me to enjoy and practice with these days, she’s become my Vocal Mom.

Describe your style in three words…

Bold, fun and unpredictable.

Sade Emoni

What’s one thing you cannot live without?

My cell phone Lol, there’s a strong addiction over here that I’m trying to get under control.

Tell us a random fact about yourself…

I love drawing and painting, basically any and everything artsy. I was in the art club all throughout school and my home is filled with different paintings I’ve created over the years.

If you were a mood ring, what colour would you be?

I would be Gold ! Not only is it one of my favorite colors but when I think Gold I think royal, timeless, passion, sophistication and victory.

Sade Emoni

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?          

I’m looking forward to creating/releasing more music and collaborating. Collaborating with other artists, brands, photographers and any other dope creatives.


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