Shoedrobes We're Dreaming Over | EGO

You've got our shoes, right? So you're looking for some serious inspo on where to store them. We've scouted the some of the most envy-worthy shoedrobes out there, and we may be guilty to have printed them off and stick them on our 'goal board' - work hard and play harder, right?


Check out this modern storage system. With a greyscale colour theme, this 'drobe is perfect for sharing with bae.


Think less is more in the perfectly laid out shoedrobe. With the main colour being clean and fresh white, you can manipulate your decor accessories like this blogger has done with a touch of yellow furnishings.

Stacked Up

It's not just our Friday-night-wine bottles that need to be stacked up, its our heels too! BRB, just checking out Ikea shelving units....

Khloe's Gym Closet

It was pretty much inevitable that a Kardashian Kloset would make an appearance. If we had a fraction of Khloe Kardashian's gym closet we would make the gym our second home.


In a opposite to the previous gym closets, sometime we just need to add a bit of pink and a bit of fur to our shoe closets.

Extra AF

Look away girls, this one is a heartbreaker. This closet is extra, colour coordinated, huge and just stunning. Another one for our Pinterest boards...


This closet gets full marks for being a stand out. With a eccentric patterned geo carpet, and lights in the actual shoe cabinets (yes you did read that right), we think the owner of this closet is one lucky girl!)