St Paddy's Day | EGO

Today is St Paddy’s Day; the perfect excuse for a drink or five. Whilst it’s super fun to go out on this day, we have the Irish to thank for it. Here’s a few other things we’re thankful to Ireland for.



Ireland has given us heaps of mega talented, mega attractive guys over the years. A few of our faves include Niall Horan, Colin Farrell, Jamie Fornan and Johnathan Rhys Meyers. SWOON.



Some of the best cheesy bands from the 90’s were from Ireland. Remember Westlife and Boyzone? Irish. B*witched and The Corrs? All from Ireland. We’ll be forever grateful to them for C’est La Vie. WHAT A SONG.



Ireland is well known for it’s drinks; Guinness being one of the most well known. If Bey is drinking it, then it’s good enough for us. However it’s not just beer they’re famed for, the country has produced some amazing liqueurs and spirits. Whatever their tipple, we know the Irish love a drink.



Some of our fave #EGOSQUAD bloggers are from Ireland. Lorna Spaine is an Irish IG model who we’re beyond obsessed with. In the pic below she’s wearing the Ariana Clear Perspex Heels. The babes that are joannakutcha and niamh_lovelife are also from Ireland and we adore their content. Fierce, sassy and cool AF; these Irish bloggers know how to work it.




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