Strut Yo Stuff.

Well....It is party season after-all?

This time of year you'll notice that you're indundated with events left, right and centre. Whether it be a family doo, works Xmas party or just a general night down the pub, you'll always be throwin' that mulled wine down ya'. 

So, with this in mind we decided to create a little shop section for you to nosy at our new stiletto's or just our normal amazin' heels. Because when you roll into that venue lookin' all kinda of fierce you definately want your feet to be on point too. 

See below for some of our new in EGO beauties that can be bashed out during the festive season and way into 2016. 


P.s, Just to make life a whole lot better....we're discounting those party heels too. Click here to shop the sassy selection with a discount of 20% too-Simply type in 'PARTYTIME' at the checkout for a win, win situation of style and saving those pennies. 

The Ava's

Stiletto Struttin with EGO 


The Kyra's


Stiletto Struttin with EGO


The Louisa -Named after our fave XFactor gal.


Stiletto Struttin with EGO

-Happy Shopping.


With Love, The EGO Team x