The 10 Unspoken Rules Of The First Date

Girls, we all know first dates can be an absolute nightmare so if you’ve got yours on Valentine’s weekend we’re here to help with the Unwritten Rules Of The First Date! One read of these and you’ll be sweeping him right off his feet, we got you sis! 

Be Fashionably Late

We can’t have them thinking you’re super keen sis; we want them to know you’re worth the wait…

Make Sure You Ask Them Questions

They’ll no doubt be quizzing you but make sure you are interested in knowing more about them too, but no interrogating just yet!

Don’t Fall Into The Trap Of Talking About An Ex

They’re in your past for a reason Hun, let them stay there.

Avoid Eating Anything That’s Messy

It’s all fun and games until spaghetti sauce is slapped all over your face and your fingers are dripping in oil. Think more lady than the tramp.

Always Do The Mid Evening Bathroom Trip

Touch up your makeup, brush your hair and text your girlfriends. Don’t forget to check your teeth for food!

Definitely Don’t Get Too Drunk

An easy path to slip down, especially if you’re nervous but keep it classy gal, they don’t need to see your wild side yet!

Don’t Give Everything Away About Yourself

We encourage honesty but you can’t give all of your cards away on the first date, leave them wanting to know more.

Avoid Mentioning Marriage And Children

Let’s keep it PG at this point doll, even if they have potential, don’t scare them away at the first hurdle!

Offer To Go Halves On Dinner

If they insist on paying that’s cool but always offer so they know you’re cool with contributing. 

If A Kiss Feels Right, Go For It!

All this talk of no kissing on the first date, you know what gal if you’re both feeling each other go for it! (And they lived happily ever after…)

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