10 Thoughts Everyone Not Going To Coachella Has | EGO

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals on earth, kicking off the festival season in mid-April over two weekends in California.

Currently, the first weekend is under way and we’re incredibly jealous. The sunny weather, palm trees, amazing acts, celebs and their killer outfits are giving us some major envy.No chella? Us neither. Here’s 10 thoughts everyone not going has…


“Why am I not going to Coachella”


The initial thought that begins the downward spiral of envy and sadness.




“Maybe if I watch it at home it’ll be just as good”


Nope, it won’t.


giphy (1).gif


“Does everyone really look that good?”


Scrollin’ through the #coachella insta hashtag? Seeing so many girls in cute outfits with perfect hair and makeup? Us too. And yep, they do look that good.


giphy (2).gif


“Why am I not there”


The same question you’ll keep asking yourself.


giphy (4).gif


“I bet half these people have gotten free tickets too”


Bloggers, models, celebs; we bet half of them are getting paid to go. It’s time to google how to start a blog we think...


giphy (6).gif


“It’s fine, I didn’t want to go anyway”


Yep you did, stop lying to yourself.


giphy (7).gif


“Maybe I can get tickets online somewhere?”


The thought of finding a cheap ticket online gives you hope, only for it to be crushed when you realise it’s been sold out for months.


giphy (5).gif


“Ok I am 100% going next year”


It’s fine, we’ll just go next year instead! Time to pack the glitter...


giphy (10).gif

“Might need to sell a kidney to go…”


Is it really that expensive? Unfortunately so.


giphy (8).gif


“I’ll start saving for 2020 now”


So what if we have to live off baked beans for the next year or two, it’ll be worth it for that sunset/palm tree shot.


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