How We’re Keeping Our IG On Point During Lockdown.

We are all looking for ways to keep busy and entertained during the lockdown and social media is one of the best ways to stay connected to your friends and family.  So, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Instagram trends to keep you busy and keep your squares filled with personality.


Take a look below to see how you can keep your instagram looking on point during lockdown.



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TikTok Made Me Buy It…

By now, you’ve heard this story one too many times: I downloaded TikTok as a joke and now we can’t stop scrolling through the app...


No matter how much my "For You" page fluctuates, these keep popping up with glowing reviews from their users. Plus, they’re extremely practical and budget-friendly. Starting from £5 and under £20, We’re actually so excited to add these to our beauty routines. 

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The 411 On New Shows & Movies Dropping On Netflix Soon.

Netflix has a sh*tload of new TV shows and movies dropping this month, which is EXACTLY what we need in lockdown. We’ve rounded up some of the best new shows you’re gonna be binge-watching. You’re welcome.


Discover your new fave shows, as well as movies we know are some of your faves.

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WFH Essentials We All Need RN.

It’s official, we’re missing everything about our regular office right now – even the things we might have complained about before. Working from home can have its perks, but it can definitely have its drawbacks too.


With week 4 of lockdown setting in, it’s safe to say now is the time we’re all most likely feeling the pain and starting to feel uninspired in our current space.

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Every Mind Matters.

In case you haven’t heard, Public Health England have launched their Every Mind Matters campaign, including advice on how to manage your mental health during Covid-19. We want you to know that you’re not alone and help is available.


Lockdown is proving difficult for many people. We are not only facing health risks from the Coronavirus, but also mental health risks from people struggling in insolation.


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Healthy Habits You Need To Start Now

With life as we know it being uncertain and worrying right now, coupled with the constant media stories of doom and gloom, it’s safe to say staying positive can be pretty testing. 


Negative vibes can have a knock on effect on your mental health and make productivity levels low, even when it comes to doing everyday things like preparing yourself a nutritious meal or keeping the home you’re currently locked down in tidy.


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