#EGOUNLOCKED: Vanessa Daniels | EGO

Vanessa Daniels, or @vanessardnls as you may know her, is one of our Ego-Queens busy slayin’ their way through life. She’s a casj-cool babe and her slick style gives us some serious wardrobe envy. Alongside running what can only be described as a fierce AF instagram feed, Vanessa also makes style and beauty based videos on YouTube. We caught up with her to chat about her style, her fave influencers and the song she’s got on repeat right now...


NAME: Vanessa D

AGE: 22


INSTA HANDLE: @vanessardnls

YOUTUBE: youtube.com/c/vanessardnls


Tell us a bit about you - how did you get into the Insta/Youtube game?


HEY EGO! I love you. I first started when I moved away from home to University. I started simply uploading my outfits to Instagram and randomly people started following me! I started YouTube like a year after. I have been watching other YouTubers since school days and always wanted to do it but was too shy. But I finally did it and stuck at it, and now I am getting to work with amazing brands that I have grown up loving, as well as meeting loads of amazing friends!



If you were going to start a Influencer girl squad, who would you want to be part of your crew?


My squad would be MASSIVE. There are so many essential people. dazhaneleah / lizzieloves.x / desthydee / sherlinanym / zeenaxena / missjoslin - to name a few.


Fav trend of the moment?


Right now I am loving all things velvet, as well as puffer jackets. I have a long velvet puffer jacket which is literally a dream.  



Song you’re currently playing on repeat?


Drake's new album 'More Life' has just come out, so I am currently rinsing that till I'm sick of it (never)


What’s the weirdest/funniest comment or DM you’ve got from a follower?


On my first shoe collection video, someone told me my feet looked like chocolate dipped in white frosting cos I had on white nail polish lol FFS :(



Current food obsession?




If you could collab on a video with any other Youtuber, who would you pick and why?


Samantha Maria - she is the first YouTuber I ever watched. I feel like we are already friends because I have been around since the days she recorded on a webcam haha!!



What can we expect next from @Vanessardnls?


I am working on a lot of exciting projects right now. I can't reveal too much, but watch this space!


Top 3 fave Ego shoes?

Florence Frill Heel

Leah Glitter Boots

Perrie Perspex Lace Up Heel




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