"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, lalala".....or some amazin' beach with a mojito in hand, right?...

It's come to that time of year thats so good, festive and full of parties, but who wouldn't want a little sunshine break?As we build up to this great time, we're all cold, snotty and feelin' like we want to stuff our faces 24/7-The struggle is real, people.

But because our everyday life involves workin'(unless you're a travel blogger or have won the lotto) then we need a little pick-me-up every once in a while. As we can't have the real thang then I thought it only kind to show you some idealic beaches featuring women with envy worthy bodies whilst we're sat sippin' on a brew!



-Holiday Essentials : Check

Holiday Essentials for amazing holidays  

-Ridiculously eye-capturing view: Check.


amazing view over sea from plane


Makin' us never want to eat a chocolate bar again....


Girls on holiday inspiration 


All round envy worthy photo's....Erm, Is it Summer 2016 yet?


Envy worthy photo's of amazing holidays 


One more just to make you even more jealous....

-Perfect Hotels. 

 ridiculously amazing hotel inspo 


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-With Love, The EGO Team x