#WCW-Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Only jokin' we can find some serious wording and INSPO alone off Rosie, but we thought it best that we just let the pictures do the talkin'. 

Initially a model turned actress, Rosie is an absolute jaw-dropper and EGO's #WCW (for all you out there who don't know what this means, well it's 'Woman Crush Wednesday'.  Basically we think she's the one to watch and we'd all pretty much love to be her.  

See below for some absolutely beautiful photo's of Rosie in all her amazin' glory- Yeah, we're defo jealous. 


The Infamous Pout 

The Infamous Pout


The Trend Setter

-Settin' the style wherever she goes. Oozing in elegance with a sexy edge. 


Rosie styling her outfits for ceremonys


Rosie on the Red Carpet

See below for Rosie's latest Red Carpet trip at The British Fashion Awards 2015.


Rosie red carpet

Who's your #WCW?


With Love, The EGO Team x