World Sleep Day 2018 | EGO

If you don't fancy your wild Friday night with your gals, then now you've got the perfect excuse - you're celebrating World Sleep Day, duh. We've added these beds to our lust list to get our zzzz's in.

Dreamy Space

Sleep under the night sky that doesn't require a sleeping bag and a tent and a limp campfire. We can't think of anything better than dozing off in this bed.

The Lioness Sleeps Tonight

It may be for kids, but we're desperate to spend a night in this Amazon rainforest inspired bedroom. It makes our Groovy Chick decor look so last decade ago.

A Pooches' Dream Come True

Show your pup ultimate love by treating them to this luxurious dog bed.

Sweet Dreams Cinderella

You shall go to the bed! Make sure you hit the pillow before midnight.

Jeep Sleep

This one is for all of the car lovers or Top Gear fans out there. Turn your bed into your car on your lust list.

Pizza Bed

Dilemma: You're craving pizza before bed. Pizza bed. Sorted.

Beach Please

We can't think of anything better RN (they say it's Spring, but is it really?!) to escape this chill. We're counting down the days until we can fall asleep in our swimwear in a place under the Mediterranean sun.

Princess Naps

You're tired and stroppy. We all been there girl. Keep that crown up girl and get yourself some sleep in these Princess inspired bed

So, get yourself an early night. Get yourself some new pyjamas, go all out with a face mask and fall asleep to a classic Netflix movie and enjoy World Sleep Day. Night night.