Weirdest Wedding Dresses of all Time | EGO

It's your big day, you want all eyes to be on you, right? You've spent endless days perfecting your wedding day and you just want it be over already. Rest assured brides-to-be, we've got the weirdest and ugliest wedding dresses of all time to rest your mind, cause no matter what, you'll never look as bad as this

#1 Hot AF

What better way to look hot AF on your wedding day?

#2Rainbow Dress

Maybe she never got the all brides where white memo? Maybe she was a fan of Skittles? Or maybe she had more than one fave colour?

#3 Hair Comes the Bride

This bride has her detangling brush and dry shampoo at the ready to keep her locks in pristine condition.

#4 Out with a bang

Dear Guests, dress code for my wedding as follows: formal wear and strictly no objects, thanks!

#5 Golden Bride

Go for gold on your big day, especially if you're marrying another Ferrero Rocher

#6 Fairytale Ending

Your fantasy wedding with a fairytale twist.

#7 Centrepiece

Puffball sleeves, puffball dresses and now you can have a central puffball wedding dress. Did you not know frills we're in hun?

#8 Seawitch

Ursula's inspired wedding dress...