Louisa Johnson takes to the stage for our WCW

An incredible voice, beautiful looks, amazing personality and now the winner of XFactor 2015, can Louisa Johnson seriously do any wrong?

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The SuperModel Pack wearing over the knee boots. Wear the EGO Parker boots to fit bang on trend like them

Tempted you in with those photo's of our fave supermodels, eh?

It's Tuesday and you're laggin' at work from all that festive weekend drinkin', as let's be honest In your head(and ours too) it's Christmas break time already and hangovers last so much longer these days. So you're feelin' a little low, you don't fancy gettin' those Xmas gifts for your family and wanna splurge a little on yourself because shopping for yourself is so much better, yeah?

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Monday Mantra via EGO to get you outta those blues

It's that dreaded day again, the one we all fear when it's Sunday evenin' and stuffin' a roast in our faces whilst watching films on the tv. Yep that's right, it's the day that we all think "Urgh" to. But you lovely lot let's not be feelin' that way no more as after all it's nearly Christmas. The time for festive cheer (or somethin' like that)...

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Christmas deliveries with EGO. Be sure not to miss those presents as after all we want you lookin' fierce for Xmas

❄️ ❄️ ❄️ Christmas Deliveries With EGO ❄️ ❄️ ❄️


For our latest cut off points for those Chrimbo pressies, be sure to read this post. As afterall we don't want you gettin' no presents this Christmas even if you weren't on Santa's nice list....

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Here at EGO, we 're majorly crushin' on Khaki at the moment, and we know its already a big hit for A/W 15! This colour has been getting bigger and bigger with fashion bloggers and even celebrities wearing full KHAKI outfits from head to toe. We've rounded up some of our favourite #inspo's from the trend to show you just how effortlessly it can be styled. 

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Nosy at some amazing candy guaranteed to make you crave food

Don't know about you but this time of year get's us feelin' ridiculously hungry. If we're not blaming it on the chilly nights then it's because of our colds, but eitherway we're throwin' food into our mouth left, right and centre.

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Pop This Christmas with EGO's top makeup tips

Bet we lured you in then thinkin'... 'Pop this Christmas, what's this post about? Eatin' too much'?

Well, you'd be wrong as that post will definitely come after Christmas, but this one is aimed all about that colour pop lovin' in our Christmas make-up. As at this time of year there's so many parties to go to that you've just always gotta have that make-up game on point.

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Cyber blues has got us feelin' a little sad

You've probably heard of/had feelin's like Sunday blues because let's be honest the weekend just goes far too quick. Well, here at EGO we've recently realised that like the Sunday blues there's defo a feelin' called cyber blues. And this kinda blues comes straight after all those amazin' deals come to an end after a weekend of crazy shoppin'.

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Krushin on Koutney Kardashian style

"These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what she'll do"

Kourtney K is lookin' extra fierce right now. Whether it's because of her new single status or not she's one to definately one to watch-Hello EGO's new fave fashion INSPO.

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"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, lalala".....or some amazin' beach with a mojito in hand, right?...

It's come to that time of year thats so good, festive and full of parties, but who wouldn't want a little sunshine break

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