Elle Awards: A Recap

elle fashion awards 2016 recap with ego

It's that time of year when we pretty much nosy at every single event that's happenin', with the hope that we'll be able to see our fave artist (totally Justin Bieber), models, socialites and more. So, when the amazzzzin' Elle Awards rolled around last night we refreshed the internet constantly so we could get that sneak peek to pretend we we're there with em'.

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#egosquad q&A with sophie allen

Here at EGO we love our squad, and because of this we thought that 1-2 times a month we should introduce you to some fierce fashionista's who love our shoes. Starting with Laura Rogan in the last Q&A we are now onto another.

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Snapchat is like seriously one of the biggest social media platforms out there. It gives you that little insight into the life of the people you love without gainin' a restraining order for stalkin' too much.

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nyfw inspo with ego

It's that time of year, people! The time all fashionista's out there go a lil' bit cray cray as they're SO excited for the fashion month to start.

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pancake day INSPO with EGO

Happy Pancake day! For those of you who have no idea what this is, well it's a day in which you eat so your ass get's even bigger and you chow on down on pancakes.

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Beyonces Back.

beyonce and the 2016 super bowl sunday

Okay so, it wouldn't be normal if we didn't talk about the amaaaazin' super bowl Sunday last night and If we're brutally honest we didn't want much of the sport, as we we're just beyond amazed and starin' at the goddess that is Beyonce.

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Happy Nutella Day?

nutella day with ego and the staff

Happy Nutella Day! You're probably thinkin' 'are you actually serious right now?', but yes, yes we are. On this amazin' day we find it only right to stick to tradition and stuff anything covered in Nutella right down our necks.

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Patent PErfection

patent perfection with ego and the tori boot

Here at EGO HQ we're lovin' a bit of patent. Whether it be on your shoe, as a skirt or if your a lil' bit wilder; a patent jacket.

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Trend Lovin' and the new Delicates

lingerie trend and delicates with ego 2016

Delicates: The new 'IT' fashion trend of 2016. With lingerie style clothing which would normally only be seen in the bedroom, it's now comin' to see the light and being worn as a key clothing piece or an additional styler for an amazin outfit.

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