A round up of EGO's best dressed at the British Fashion Awards

The 'BFA'S' (also know as the British Fashion Awards) come around every year.

Fashionista's, designers and creatives from all around the globe flock to the event in the hope of winning an award for their contributions to the fashion industry

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Manic Monday and the Makaila Heel

The crazy weekend has come to an end and the only bargain day remaining is today, Cyber Monday! For those of you who just aint shopped enough or feel that they fancy that liiiiiiitle bit more like myself (roll on hometime) then be sure to read on.

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EGO is loving Sunday Snoozin'

Sundays we're made for two things; Snugglin' and Snoozin'.

With EGO's two favourite things combined then how could this day be anything but amazin'. Well, suppose we could throw in some comfort food too?.

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Saturday Stealin': Shopping for cyber weekend

Okay, so possibly the craziest shopping day of all has come and gone and we're hopin' you've all shopped up a storm. But like me some of you out there might have just missed those amazin' deals. Working sucks, right?

Anyway, don't fear because here at EGO we have a little solution for this and it's called 'Saturday Stealin'. Basically straight after Black Friday comes your Cyber weekend so there's multiple chances to bag that bargain you've been longing for. Wahay!

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Black Friday Madness

 Are ya ready? Have you got some armour on and runnin' out the door? Have you saved all your money just for this one day? If you've answered yes to all of the above then you're definately a Black Friday addict. 

It's that time of year people when the crazy person in us all comes out and we strive to get that bargain deal. In case your weird and don't know what I'm on about, well it's only Black Friday!

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Thursday Treats... Because Fat Friday Is Just Too Far Away

Thursday treats stuffing our faces

Okay, so you're probably thinkin' were pretty thick because Friday comes straight after Thursday so it's not even that far. But...we need that sugar, People!

 If we ain't all talkin' about food then we're usually munchin' on down. So, a post on our obsession was definately needed.(I'm eatin' aTwirl Chococlate bar as we speak).


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Tired Tuesday

Tired Tuesdays Inspiration

It's Tuesday, it's the start of the working week and the weekend seriously aint comin' quick enough. This post Is to get you feelin' all cozy and warm because that hangover just ain't shiftin' from Saturday night, you're downin' coffee like there's no tomorrow, and your lazy eye just won't open.

Yeah, attractive we know but defo true- Hello Tired Tuesdays.

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Gurl we're lovin' that leather

With most trends, specific materials work alongside them to create a fierce outfit which results in us feeling so, so good. By adding specific textures it can take our outfit from a borin' 3 to an amazin' 10..

Right now we're seriously crushin' on leather. Whether its a skirt, pant, jacket or even a shoe here at EGO we just seriously can't get enough. 


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