8 Tips for How to Make Heels More Comfortable 

If you’re as obsessed with heels we are and are always on the lookout for a new, extra AF pair then you’ll know that as insane as you look in a killer pair of heels, they can hurt like hell.

But fashion is pain, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be! After months of lockdown living, we’ve gotten a little too used to comfort! So even though we’re literally counting down the days until we can be back in our fave heels, we started to wonder how to make heels more comfortable. We stumbled across a LOT of top tips that you’re gonna wanna hear, trust us. Plus feeling comfy in heels gives you even more of an excuse to treat yourself to a new pair (or three) for June 21st…

Check out our 8 top tips for combatting painful AF heels…

1. Be prepared

Blister plasters are your best friend. If you’re desperate to wear a killer pair of heels you lowkey know are gonna hurt a few hours into your evening, then the best way to protect your feet is to arrive prepared. If you’re as image conscious as we are, maybe opt for transparent blister plasters, so you don’t ruin your look. The best part is they’re easy to slip into even the smallest of handbags, so you’re always prepared for potential heel-related emergencies.

2. Deodorant (we’re not joking…)

Ok so apparently adding roll on deodorant beneath any part of your shoes that rubs (ie the heels or straps) can prevent chafing. Who knew? Sounds kinda weird, but we’re too curious not to try it…

3. Finding the perfect fit

Wearing lace up heels or heels with adjustable straps could be the answer to all your painful problems. It sounds simple, but making sure your heels actually fit properly can save you a lot of pain later down the line…

4. Wear them in

When you’ve just bought a brand new pair of extra AF heels you’re obsessed with, it’s hard not to put them straight on and go strut your stuff. But, holding off and wearing them in properly first is guaranteed to save you from being blister covered and wishing you’d never bought them.

You can wear them with socks at home, buy yourself a shoe stretcher or even take them to your local cobbler! Or the more fun option? Just try wearing them a good few times before the big/long event you have coming up, so the blisters are less likely to rear their ugly heads mid-glam night out.

5. Strut your stuff

Believe it or not, walking properly is supposed to stop your heels from hurting! Sounds pretty easy, right? But apparently some of us haven’t quite got the hang of it yet! It’s important to walk properly in your heels, like you’re strutting down a catwalk, walking with your hips and legs first. Basically, try to walk like Kendall Jenner and not how you usually walk in trainers…

6. Pick the right shoes for YOU!

Yep, it sounds like another pretty obvious tip. But if you know strappy heels feel like they’re cutting off your circulation, or pointed shoes squish your toes, why try to make them work for you? There’s SO many different heels out there, don’t force your feet into something they hate!

7. Make sure you can actually move your feet

Movement is key. If your feet literally feel suffocated in your heels, they’re going to hurt! So try to find a pair that feels comfortable from the off, make sure you can move your feet a little in them. This way, if you’re out all night and your feet swell up, they won’t kill like crazy!

8. Silicone inserts

Safe proof your heels and pop in a silicone gel insert. Slip ‘em straight under the ball or heel of your feet for maximum comfort. This one’s for those girls who’d rather just avoid the pain altogether, rather than deal with the aftermath.


Ok so now we’ve resolved all your painful heel related problems and figured out how to make heels more comfortable, you know what it’s time for right? Treating yourself to an extra AF pair of heels (of three!).

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