Fly, Fit and Fab: The Ultimate Gym Playlist

We get it – it’s cold and miserable and the last thing any of us want to do is drag ourselves to the gym right now. This side of Summer it can feel pretty much like there’s no need to perfect that beach bod, but we’re here to help keep your motivation going and your booty looking bangin’ all year. All it takes is the proper motivation, right? What better way than the ultimate playlist to make the minutes on the elliptical fly by? We’ve got you, girl.

This is THE playlist full of songs you’ll wanna shake it to, featuring fast heart-pumpers to get that cardio going, plus motivational tunes that have lyrics to push you over the edge on that last set of killer squat reps. Or hop on the bike and treat this one like your own personal spin class inspiration…we promise you’ll reach the end having sweated out all that bad day vibe and feeling fabulous. If all else fails, just picture yourself in the music videos breaking someone’s heart with how good you look. Let’s dive in and see what’s keeping us pedalling, running, lifting and generally kicking the scale’s butt this month. You’re welcome!

Jax Jones ft Demi Lovato and Stefflon Don – Instruction

We think every good gym playlist has to start upbeat, fun and with some dancefloor-ready rhythm. This song is perfect to sweat to, so pop it on and pump the pace up gradually. Oh, and BABE ALERT! Demi Lovato and Stefflon Don are definite gym inspiration to die for.

Fifth Harmony – That’s My Girl

Keep the pace up with a song about how awesome you and your posse are. Who’s doing all this work sweating it out for a guy? Nah, not us. We’re feeling the girl power vibe.

Alex Newell – B.O.Y.

Speaking of, we’ve thrown on a little stomper for anyone who’s hitting the gym after a breakup (been there!). This Alex Newell track’s title stands for “Basically Over You” and it’s a perfect, sassy-as-anything vibe.

Katy Perry – Swish Swish

Who doesn’t love a little bit of pop beef, be honest? This song is good for a gossip about the Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud but it’s also a pumping tune with some Nicki Minaj signature attitude thrown in for good measure. Leave the haters in your dust with some extra sweat, bish.

RuPaul – Sissy That Walk

Hands up who’s obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race? Yeah, we thought so! We love, love, love us some queens and, believe it or not, they’re amazing motivation for the gym. Crank the treadmill speed and channel your inner Adore in the video for this one. Even as committed high heel addicts, we can’t imagine doing this in heels like the Queens do. But we’re still gonna catwalk it out, that treadmill’s our new runway.

Jessie J – Burnin Up

By now Jessie should be talking your language and things should be heating up. We’re feeling the burn but you know the saying, hurts so good! It’s time to really amp it up and work that workout.

Ciara - Work

A little bit of a throwback, this Ciara track is a gym playlist mainstay for us. Not only is it fast, furious and fierce, but that chorus feels like Ci-Ci is personally cheering you on through the burn and out the other side. Perfect motivation to go for an extra mile or minute.

STOP! Hydration time

Every workout is all fun and games until you find yourself faint because you went in too hard. We’ve built in some little walking, water drinking and wellbeing moments in this playlist. We’ll be back to it in a sec, promise.

Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

Take 3 but keep your mood hype with the baddest B of the moment, Cardi. Oh, and chug some H20.

Beyoncé – Yoncé/Partition

Walk it out, girl, feeling flawless because you deserve to. This sultry fave is a slowie with sass, so shoulders back and strut.

Dua Lipa – New Rules

So we don’t know about you, but we’re currently obsessed with this song. Dua Lipa looks fierce in the video, it’s all about kicking deadbeats to the kerb and it’s got a chorus that instantly gets us chair dancing. A perfect recipe for warming back up on that treadmill, if ever we heard it.

J Balvin, Willy William, Beyoncé – Mi Gente

You thought we were gonna give you a break for real? Nah, it’s no pain, no gain and we’re back to it. And who can resist getting it moving again with this multi-lingual collab featuring the Queen Bey herself? Throw in some samba hip-windin’ as you stomp it out to this.

Little Mix – Move

The gorgeous girls of Little Mix, power harmonies, upbeat rhythm and lyrics about getting off your bum? No brainer, this one’s straight on the playlist.

Kanye – Fade

No fitspo playlist would be complete anymore without this banger. Even if you’re not a Yeezy fangirl, just check out Teyana Taylor’s goddess body in the video and you’ll never skip another glutes exercise in your whole life.

Zinc – Show Me

Okay, confession – the reason we first became obsessed with this song is ENTIRELY about the video. Japanese vogueing fashionistas Aya Sato and Bambi star with their goth-babe edge, providing sleek and chic dance moves. But the song is addictively good too, so get your hands up and start throwing some shapes…who cares who’s looking?!

MNEK – The Rhythm

It’s not just gorgeous gals getting us pumped, you know? We love MNEK’s signature sweet vocals mixed with fat basslines and a dash of club feel. When we’re flagging, we just picture ourselves looking fly to this one on the dancefloor – short dress, fly heels on, body of a babe…yeah, we’re feeling more toned already.

Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For

This collab between Calvin Harris and your girl Rih-Rih had to be perfect, right? It’s a great middle tempo gym number that keeps you steadily building your tempo up and up. Totally ideal for spin bikes.

Rihanna – Only Girl In The World

Two Rihanna moments in a row? We’re in the zone, officially, so it’s time to amp up the speed and the sweat levels again. This one’s irresistible and one of our faves for making you forget the rest of the gym working around you.

Kelis – Acapella

While we’re pushing the tempo, we’ve gotta go all in with this Guetta-fuelled track from the girl who told us she’s proud to be bossy, Kelis. That relentless beat and the constant build-ups make it easy to channel a little bit of your inner boss babe and push those thighs harder.

DJ Fresh – Gold Dust

Okay one last extreme burner before we give you a breather, this DJ Fresh tune is SUCH a mood for the gym. It’s even got a couple of little slow-downs and awesome drops built in, so you can set your own peaks and troughs to keep it moving. Extra points for anyone who can even get close to the skipping and double-dutch skills in the video – we’re admitting defeat on that.

KDA feat Tinashe – Just Say

This collab between British DJ KDA and US RnB babe Tinashe is one we love. Turn it louder and push the resistance a little further. You’ve got this!

Neon Jungle – Braveheart

Sticking with the best of British bangers, this Neon Jungle track is a surprisingly hard hitting pop banger. Feel that drop!

HYDRATION PART 2: Electric Boogaloo

Okay, is anyone else totally sweating or is it just us? It’s the second cooldown, and we need it even more this time around. Ever feel like you’re literally letting off steam?!

Paramore – Hard Times

Fun, fabulous and flirty are the words we’d use to describe this pop gem from Hayley and co. A great song that dials down the intensity, but keeps your mood sky high.

Tove Lo – Disco Tits

A sexy little number from one of our favourite Swedish pop babes, this new single has a totally irresistible beat. Be warned, the video is totally bizarre and a little bit NSFW!

Ariana Grande – Be Alright

Start to climb your tempo back up and turn that walk into a jog with this track. We love this one to climb the heartrate up while you catch your breath. Plus that beat just begs to get your shoulders moving. Extra points for clicking your fingers along to it!

Okay gym bunny babes, one last push? It’d be rude not to.

Zedd, Liam Payne – Get Low

It might seem like it’s too on the nose, but when Liam says Get Low, we get low. This song’s too infectious to resist shaking it to, let’s be real.

Sean Paul – Get Busy

Who can resist this dancehall-tinged dancefloor heat? We love a bit of Sean Paul at any time of day, but we can’t resist him at the gym because those beats were made for sweating to. Hands up if he name-checks you in this… We see you, Jodi and Rebecca.

Daddy Yankee – Gasolina

We’re keeping it throwback for one more track with this OG from Daddy Yankee. Yeah, the same Daddy Yankee that’s on Despacito is the guy that brought this mid-2000s Holiday resort classic to the world.

Disclosure – White Noise

One last push over the hill to the last heart-pounders section, and it wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Disclosure. We miss those guys!

Lethal Bizzle – Rari Workout

Who’s up for a grime moment? You can’t not go for it to this Lethal Bizzle, JME and Tempa T collaboration, whatever your workout of choice. Okay so we don’t have the Ferrari, but we’re down to “Do it for the ‘gram”.

Jason DeRulo – Talk Dirty

When that chorus drops, do we need to say more? DeRulo is the king of the hook, and we’re hooked.

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez – Booty

Speaking of booties (Jason was, not us, to be fair), let’s hear from two of the finest in the biz. If we could look even half as good at half the age as Jennifer Lopez, this gym life is worth it, right?

Britney Spears – Work B*tch

We’re almost there so it’s time for some uptempo pop that’s more about the fun than the finesse. If Britney says it, you’ve got to do it, right? So you better work…

Cheryl Cole – Call My Name

We love a bit of Chezza, and underrated favourite. This is definitely one of her best and a gym pop classic. Louder, please, we’re almost done!

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Now that we can taste the finish, it’s time to just let loose and literally shake it off! You can push harder or start to cool down and give yourself a break to this one. We might pretend we’re too cool for it sometimes, but this Swifty classic still gets us going every time.

Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé – Feelin’ Myself

Did you really think we’d finish on something underwhelming? Not a chance! We believe in leaving the gym feeling like a million bucks, and what better way than with this total anthem? Gotta hit that cool down feeling like every inch of a boss, like you are. If you’re not 100% there, just remember that even Beyoncé has to break a sweat to look as flawless as she is.

Honourable Mention

Janelle Monae - Yoga

Okay so you probably can’t get in the zen zone while you’re listening to this bass-heavy, mid-tempo favourite, but we love it all the same. Sing it relentlessly to yourself as motivation to get the yoga matt out and it’s no time at all until you’re flexible and fly.

That’s it! Time to hit the showers, you’ve earned it. Xox