One day you're stuffin' your face, watchin' Xmas movies and rejoicing in Father Christmas droppin' off exactly what you wanted, and the next thing you find it's New Years Eve and you're pamperin' to an inch of your life. 

Yes people, we all do it as no matter what on this big(and over-hyped) night we wanna be feelin' so fierce it's untrue. 

Here at EGO we though't we'd give you a little outfit INSPO for the big night tomorrow with some of our shoes to match. Don't worry if you ain't got these specific shoes, as no doubt you'll look sassy as in anythin' you wear. 


New Years at the local-Polished Pub wear


Headin' down to the local, wanna feel fierce but not too overdressed? See below for a mixture of soft styling with an added edge from our sassy boot. 


polishes nights at the pub with ego thea boot



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Dancin' The Night Away -The Bar outfit. 

Hittin' the bars in this seasons 'it' key piece; Metallic skirts. Combined with a soft tee and accessories to make the outfit bang on trend.


Metallic Madness feat the ego anjeli shoe 


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 And to the club- Make sure you're lookin' 'lit' and ready to dance the night away. 


wearin' the louisa heel with EGO for new year 


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Whether your doin' any of the above or simply sittin' at home curled up on the couch with a bottle of bubbly, just have some fun. 

As you might as well say bye to 2015 with a proper big bang. 


With Love, The EGO Team x