Behind the brand: Social and Influencer Executive

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at EGO Shoes? (Of course you have!). This month, we caught up with Imogen. She’s our seriously stylish babe, looking after influencer activity, adding in creative content for Instagram stories and managing Facebook, Twitter and 21 buttons.

How did you get into this job?

I saw the advert for it on Indeed and immediately knew I had to apply for it!

What and where did you study? And did it help with getting your job?

I studied Fashion Management in Nottingham. To be honest, what I did at university isn’t that transferable to my job today because the focus of my job is Instagram and during my time at University I watched Instagram go from a relatively untouched platform to the leading marketing tool for the majority of brands worldwide.

Talk us through a typical day for you?

Influencers, influencers and more influencers! I also add in creative content for Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter and 21 buttons.

What advice would you give someone who wants a job in fashion? Specifically in influencer and social media.

If you can source work experience before looking for a full-time job, definitely take any opportunity because it will always benefit your CV. If you’re interested in Influencers and Social Media make sure you have a strong awareness of all the relevant influencers in the industry, pop culture is a must!

What’s your favourite part about the job?

I’m a people person so I love building relationships with existing and new influencers that I work with. It’s also so much fun getting to host the Influencer events too and getting to meet everyone! 

What is your favourite work memory? 

When Kylie Jenner (yes, KYLIE JENNER) posted the shoes I sent to her on her Instagram story along with my hand-written note. Best memory EVER!

What are your favourite shoes from EGO?

That’s so hard to choose, I have Midnight, Moonlight and Turntup which I love but next on my shopping list is Emily from the Stassie collection… they're so gorgeous!