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Now we all know that Beyonce runs the world, but there’s a miniature-sized Bey hot on her heels.

Everyone’s fave superstar princess is turning a grand old age of 5 today. Despite being waaaaay younger than you, the offspring of Queen Bey & Jay Z is already 100x cooler than you could ever imagine being.

In honour of her big day, we’ve rounded up 5 times throughout her 5 short years she’s already outdone everybody.


1. That time she appeared in Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ video -

220716-estilo-blue-ivy-20 (1).jpg

Now we know this video was made by her Mum, but still. It’s pretty cool. Formation was one of the hottest, most powerful songs of 2016 so it’s no surprise Blue made an appearance. Whilst most 4 year olds are playing in the sand pit or throwing a tantrum, Blue was power-stancing her way through a three times Grammy nominated song. ‘Cause she slays.

2. That time she stole the catwalk at the VMA’s -


Blue made her catwalk debut at the tender age of 4 alongside her killa’ Queen mumma at the 2016 VMA’s. Her diamante encrusted tulle skirt ensemble is rumored to cost well over $11,000, and that doesn’t include that matching tiara and trainers. Prinny or what.


3. That time she became the youngest person ever to appear on a Billboard chart -


Yep, at just a few days old Blue made her musical debut appearing on her Daddy’s track ‘Glory’. Whilst technically she didn’t do much other than cry, she was still credited as an artist under the name B.I.C, making her the youngest person ever to appear on a Billboard chart board.


4. That time she travelled, literally everywhere -


Whilst Blue may only be 5, she’s probably travelled to more places than we can ever dream of going. From hitting up the beaches in the Bahamas, to strolling the streets of Paris; Blue is incredibly well-travelled. Nope, we swear we’re not even slightly jealous.


5. That time she won at Halloween -


In a Michael Jackson get up for Halloween 2014, Blue stole the show once again at just 3 years old looking as cool as ever. She ain't the kinda kid to be seen in a black plastic bin bag & witch hat. Serious fancy dress goals.


We cannot wait to see where this girl is going to go in the future. Keep slayin’ Blue.




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