We don't know about you but this time of year get's us feelin' ridiculously hungry. If we're not blaming it on the chilly nights then it's because of our colds, but whatever the reasoning we're throwin' food into our mouth left, right and centre.

 During this festive season it's all about eatin' loads whether it be candy, crisps or even a full roast. If anything this time is a nice build up to the epic eating session we all take on Christmas day, because there's no doubt that we'll all be eatin' 5 courses plus cake.

....are we convincing you that stuffin' our faces is the way forward yet? If you're a true foodie or not then scroll on down to see some delicious lookin' candy INSPO that's guaranteed to get you droolin'. 

P.s This is a pretty American inspired post because they do Christmas like no other. 


-'Snow' covered pretzels


snow covered pretzels,Hello Christmas over eating


-'Snow' & candy-cane covered doughnuts


snow covered doughnuts


-Festive Meringues


Festive meringues for the season



-Festive Gingerbread men.

Say hello to those year 6 art skills...For decorative purposes after baking glaze with glue.


eating gingerbread men with EGO


For the Adventurous baker in you...

(FYI, Aldi does a smashin' version you can assemble in 2 mins)- Cheating? Naaah. 


candy houses 


Oh and it defo aint Christmas without a Ferrero Rocher.


Eating the best chocolate secret of christmas, the Ferrero Rocher 


-Have a merry Candy (so, American of us) Christmas time.

With love, The EGO Team x