Date Night Ideas At Home

Just because your social life is non-existent, doesn’t mean your love lives have to be. If you live with bae and you are bored of rewatching the same crappy TV shows again and again, we have got some fun date night ideas you can do at home.

1. Make your own pizzas

Creating your own pizza from scratch is pretty easy and SO satisfying. Add your favourite toppings and enjoy. You can even add controversial stuff like pineapple without judgement from the delivery driver.


2. Painting party

Warning: this can cause serious offence. Take a canvas or big piece of paper and sit across from each other. You have half an hour to paint a portrait of bae. Put an alarm on your phone and turn your paintings around when the time is up.


3. Stay at home spa

Make your own spa treatments and get to work on some well-needed couples massages. After all, who ISN’T stressed at the minute? Massages and foot rubs are seriously called for right now.


4. Come dine with me

Split the courses between the two of you and get your Gordon Ramsey on. Keep the meals a secret and then judge each other’s courses out of ten. Brutal, but fun and tasty (if you manage not to burn anything).


5. Bake Off

Challenge your other half to a baking competition and judge each other’s cakes. You can even send photos of the finished pieces to your group chat and get them to vote on the best showstopper. (Plus you have loads of cake to eat after.)


6. Karaoke night

Karaoke is the ultimate way to spend your date nights at home. Crank up your favourite tunes, have a couple of drinks and just sing your heart out all night. The upside of singing karaoke at home is that you don’t have to choose the crowd pleasers, just pick the songs you love.


Seeing as we aren’t leaving the house any time soon, how about some new loungewear for your date night? (Because that stained t-shirt you got free on a bar crawl 5 years ago is looking a little grubby.