5 Easy Gel Nail Ideas to Try at Home

If you’re missing your nail tech more than ever right now, you’re not alone! We’re getting seriously fed up of seeing our chipped or unpainted nails on a daily basis and in desperate need of a manicure, like, asap. There’s just something about having a fresh manicure that makes you feel like you’ve got your life together, right? So we thought we’d give DIY home manicures a try…

Want to give at-home gel nails a try? Check out our 5 Easy Gel Nail Ideas to Try at Home…

Mismatched Nails

If you fancy adding a touch of colour to your everyday, then why not give this simple yet colourful mismatched manicure a go? Whether you want to keep it tonal with similar colours, or stand out from the crowd with an array of contrasting colours, there’s a version of this manicure to suit any colour palette.

Just grab five of your favourite nail polishes and get cracking!

Cute AF Flowers

How cute is this flower power nail art?! If you’re feeling creative and have a very steady hand, then why not give this floral mani a go?

Whether you want to keep your nail base clear to let the flowers pop or add an extra level by painting flowers onto a colourful base, there’s so many different ways you can add flowers to your mani!

Want to give flower power nail art a try? Check out this simple tutorial

Cow Print Nails

Feeling bold? Why not give these colourful cow print nails a go? Perfect for those who love a cute, colourful and quirky mani! The best part? It doesn’t matter if your nail art attempt isn’t perfect, because cow print isn’t symmetrical anyway!

Keep it simple with a monochrome black and white cow print, or mix it up with vibrant mismatched colours like the above, either way, your nails will look fab!

Check out this simple tutorial if you fancy giving them a go yourself HERE

Alternative French Manicure

Source: @kyliejenner

You know those cute af colourful tipped nails you’ve been spotting all over your Instagram feed for the past year? It turns out they’re pretty easy to do at home!

Keep it classy with colourful tips and follow this simple tutorial HERE

Simple Dots

If you’re a fan of simple, yet statement nails that require minimal effort, this simple dot mani is perfect for you!

Nail this minimalistic manicure using this simple tutorial

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