Here at EGO we absolutely love our squad, and because of this we thought every so often we'd give you a little insight into some of the amazin' girls who love to fashion our shoes. Not only do they look majorly fierce, but they embody EGO in every shot they take.

So, to start the ball rollin' I'd like to introduce a Q&A with the lovely Laura Rogan...


laura rogan and the blogger q&A


1)      In the words of Take me out, ‘what’s ya' name and where do ya’ come from…?’

 I'm Laura and i'm currently based in Manchester! 


2)      What was the Inspo behind your blog?

There wasn't really a specific inspiration behind my blog other than a summer of boredom and too many clothes for my own good! In my early teens I was quite popular on Lookbook but as I got older I stopped using it, when I re-joined over my first summer break at uni I realised everyone had a blog, so I decided to create one too. 


3)      How many years have you been hittin’ the web ?

It’s my 3 year bloggerversary in May! 


4)      Do you think you’ll continue to blog in the future?

I'll definitely keep blogging in the future, it's my favourite hobby and where else would I show off my shoe collection? 


5)      Your best fashion tip for this season

This season i'm all about the contrast heel and fur, fur, fur! 


6)      What’s your fave trend of the moment?

My style is quite versatile and changes day-to-day but I’m definitely still into the whole minimal chic vibes paired with trainers like blogger Hannah Crosskey


7)      Heels or Boots?

Boots are taking over my shoe collection at the moment, especially the Chloe boots which I accidentally now have in 3 colour ways... Oops! 


8)      Which are your favourite EGO shoes?


My favourite EGO shoes are definitely the Chloe boots, it's a no contest! 


9)      Name some funny facts about yourself

I don't have many funny facts cos I’m really clumsy so I’m always up to something silly, but I think the best one would be the fact that I auditioned for Luna Lovegood back in the day, like I could ever compete with the actress they actually cast! 


10)   Favourite Man crush?

Man crush of the moment is 100% Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) who just released his Lean in 15 book, he's absolute perfection! 


11)   Okay, we all have one….Go on, who’s your favourite woman crush?

Rihanna everytime - she's constantly reinventing herself and doesn't care what anyone thinks - she's my idol!


12)   What do you like to do in your spare time?

I don't get a lot of spare time but when I do it involves blogging, binge watching Gossip Girl and eating all the food


13)   What’s your favourite place to shop?

. I don't have a specific favourite, but I think ASOS is always a go-to for convenience. 


14)   Any tips for those newbie bloggers out there?

Just  be yourself, there's nothing better than that - where what you want and post what you want! :) 


15)   Any new year’s resolutions?

. I don't really do new year’s resolutions because I make changes whenever I feel that I need to but I have coincidentally changed my diet for the better since the new year (except the chocolate but we won't talk about that!) 


16)   What do you love best about EGO?

I love every single shoe on EGO, i'm such a shoe addict already so you guys really feed my obsession! 


17)   Which emoji best describes you?

The hair flip emoji. So much sass. 


18)   Fave song of the moment?

 Justin Bieber's entire new album!


19)   Describe yourself in one sentence…

That's a tough one, I guess I’m mostly just really kooky and always have something stupid to say... I'm definitely far from serious! 


20)   The big one: Here at EGO we secretly love JB(Justin Bieber), do you?

It's no secret - i'm OBSESSED with him! 


See below for a nosy of the lovely Laura featuring our amazin' shoes. To shop the product just simply click the photo.

laura rogan and the blogger q&A 

laura rogan and the blogger q&A 

laura rogan and the blogger q&A


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Keep nosyin' back as theres more of our #EGOSQUAD to be featured soon.


With love, The EGO Team x