Festival Outift: What To Wear

You save, you buy the ticket and then you save again because gettin' those festival outfits on point is just what you're always thinkin about. Depending totally upon your own sense of style, you either go crazily different and may opt for pink hair, geometric patterns and a whole lot of boho vibe or go total glam and rock that urban chic vibe with a sassy pair of heeled ankle boots. 

Either way, we all need a lil' bit of style inspo to get us inspired for what to wear for each one, right? 

Check out some of our fave festival wearin' celebs and influencers along with some EGO items that'll fit with each piece.


Hair Goals right thur


Because they don't need no intro....




 Okay, hair goals for the not so adventurous (yet still majorly on point) 




Festival vibin' nail art

Get those nails on point because it's the whole package that's gotta be glam for that festi-cool vibe. 







Outfit Goals: Festival Sass 


Boho vibes with Millie M




Shoe style steal:

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Rocker edge with Jourdan Dunn



Shoe style steal:

Shop similar lace up ya leg beauties like these here 


California Cool with Kendal Jenner & Fergie


Makin' us jealous as per, check out Kendal & Fergies stylin' below




Shoe style steal: 

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Not all the INSPO that you want? Don't worry we've got ya covered. Click here to check out our Festival Pinterest board whcih is guaranteed to help you get ready for the big event. 


Keep in touch with all our channels for takeovers for even more festivals as the season goes on. 

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Please Note: All images were sourced via Pinterest.