How To Make A Nutella Latte | EGO SHOES

How To Make A Nutella Latte | EGO SHOES

Nutella Iced Latte, are there three words you want to hear more than those? no, I didn’t think so. It’s 2021 we’re leveling up our coffee game and saying goodbye to basic lattes. The recipe was created by Tiktoker Melinda who also goes by the name @7amcoffeeclub. Fortunately for us, it can be made easily at home simply by stirring Nutella into freshly brewed espresso and topping up with ice and milk.


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Want to take your love for Nutella to the next level? We didn’t think it could get much better but TikTok user @theawesomeboysclub blessed us with this  Nutella Milkshake hack. Again it’s super simple, you need an empty Nutella jar (here’s your excuse to eat Nutella from the jar without feeling guilty) and milk. Obviously, you’re extra like us and need whipped cream and chocolate flakes to go on the top but its just as enjoyable without.


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