Behind The Brand: PR & Blogger Outreach Manager | EGO

Behind The Brand: PR & Blogger Outreach Manager | EGO

We’re delving back behind the brand today, this time with our PR & Blogger Outreach Manager Robyn….

What is your role here at EGO?

My main role here at EGO is working with bloggers to ensure we’re always creating amazing content with girls who reflect our customers. This includes everything from campaigns, events and gifting to social media takeovers and discovering those new influencers we tip to be the next big thing. I also dabble with social media and PR, working to secure placements with the right celebs and in the titles our customers love to shop from, as well as scheduling social media and making sure we’re showing our customers our latest styles.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day is always a bit of a mixture! My mornings are usually spent checking daily stats and seeing who has posted for us by collecting coverage, then I might move onto scheduling Instagram and sending out bloggers orders. If we have an event coming up then I will spend some time on that too, and will also look into researching new people to work with. I also work on blogger and social media content, so this could be anything to Instagram Stories take overs for London Fashion Week to a curated blogger collection, or dreaming up my next big idea to present to our directors.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I’m always torn between campaigns or events being my favourite part of my role. Both require you to work on something from the initial idea stages, through to creating a timeline and a budget and finally getting to see something you’ve worked really closely on become a reality! I also really love finding new influencers to work with and get such a kick out of seeing content come through from people I really admire.  

What’s been your best memory since starting the job?

We hosted a breakfast event at the amazing Duck and Waffle in London last month to celebrate the launch of the super sleek new website. Meeting people I’ve emailed for months face-to-face is always fun as you feel like you already know them and can finally put a (real life) face to a name, I also really enjoying catching up with bloggers I’ve been working with for years too as staying in touch and building relationships with bloggers is so important.

How much would you say the blogger outreach industry has changed throughout the years?

I’ve been working working in the PR, social media and blogger outreach industry for the past four years and it has changed hugely in that time. I love how bloggers have become a power in their own right and something that at the time started for many as a hobby has developed into a full time job and many bloggers hold as much, if not more, influence as household name celebrities and magazines. I love a good Girl Boss story and there are so many inspirational girls going out and doing amazing things, the way the industry has grown and developed in that time is really incredible, it always leaves me excited to see what the next big thing will be.

What are your favourite bloggers of the moment?


This always changes and I’m constantly discovering new people that I end up inevitably Insta-stalking, however my current favourite go-to girls for some wardrobe inspiration are:


Megan Ellaby

Alice Catherine

Isabella Thordsen

Yanin Namasonthi

Lydia Jane Tomlinson

Holly Rebecca White

Monika Young

Eliza Moore

Sophia Rosemary

Chloe Plumstead


What advice would you give to those wanting to start a career in blogger & PR?

Be willing to work hard, no matter what obstacle you come up against there is always an answer and taking five minutes away from your screen does wonders, be nice to everyone and always ask people’s names, keep at it no matter how long it takes to get to where you want to be, and if all other outfit options fail hats are a guaranteed winner.

If you could give a piece of advice to someone with an interview for a fashion brand, what would it be?


Having interviewed a fair amount of people it’s always those who are nice, smiley, show a sense of humour and that I ended up talking to about their personal interests that stay in my memory amongst an ocean of candidates. Remember you are being interviewed on your knowledge and skill, but also the person sat opposite you will want to know you’re going to be somebody they can imagine spending five days a week with so personality is key. The worst thing is interviewing somebody who gives one sentence answers, so even if you get a ‘yes or no’ style question expand on your answer with more detail, always show enthusiasm and flare, and while it might sound obvious - research the company who are interviewing you!

What is one of the bad aspects of your job?

Without being cliche there aren’t many as I came into this job during a time I had my own (currently on a hiatus) blog and am very lucky to be one of those people who turned a hobby into a career, just on the other side of things that people usually do. That said I think personally I always have these huge ideas which have to be scaled down, but it’s always easier to scale back a big idea than build something big up from something small.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If you’d of asked me that five years ago I would have said somewhere near where I am now so I’m not really sure! I’m quite an easy-going person although I definitely am also very ambitious and driven, so part of me is just excited to see how PR, Blogger Outreach and Social Media develop in the next five years as they are such new industries in the grand scheme of things, and part of me has also always been really into branding so perhaps incorporating more of that into my role is something I will work towards too. I’m also going to start blogging again this year so perhaps that is something that will take off for me - who knows!




You can follow Robyn on Insta here.


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