Behind The Scenes with Sherlina Nym

Sherlina Nym is the hottest face on the scene right now. With her ultra babein’ looks, fierce eye for style and killa shoe collection; it’s hard not to see why so many worship this Queen.

Having recently surpassed 1 million Instagram followers; it’s clear that others love her too. When asked about how she rocketed into fame; Sherlina claims it all happened accidentally. After moving into her own place two years ago, Sherlina began taking pics of her outfits simply because she enjoyed it. Quickly people caught onto this girl’s killa' sense of style and she rapidly grew a large following. Her easy-styling urban daytime outfits mixed with some uber glam styles for the evening make her our ultimate style crush.

Sherlina is the ultimate #EGOSQUAD babe because she’s fierce, fearless and not afraid to have fun with her outfits. When given the opportunity to collab we couldn't resist. This collaboration is all about being sassy, classy and a little bit bad-assy; just like Sherlina.

We got our girl @dazhaneleah to sit down with Sherlina behind the scenes during shoot day, to get the lowdown in our quickfire Q&A.


D: What made you want to start Instagram?

S: I didn’t really have a reason, I was living at my parents and I had a big mirror and I just thought, I should start to show people my outfits.


D: What do you prefer: Trainers or Manicures?

S: This is so hard, oh my god! But I think manicures and I would just be forced to wear heels every day.


D: If you were stuck in a elevator, which celebrity would you want to be stuck with?

S: Beyonce of course! I just love beyonce she’s the queen.


D: Which is your favourite EGO shoe?

S: The Ariana transparent heel.


D: Have you got any advice for anyone that wants to follow in your footsteps?

S: Always be yourself, and you have to be consistent! Consistency is so important, you have to be active on the Gram.


D: And finally,  what does 2017 hold for Sherlina?

S: I just want to grow. I want to bring out my youtube channel, my blog and my own shoe/clothing collections. 

It's here, SHERLINA X EGO has officially landed. Let your feet do the talking and shop the collab now.