Tips for social-distancing.

Unless you’ve been living under rock, or on a meditation retreat like Jared Leto then you’ll be very familiar with what’s going on in the world RN. But don’t worry sis, we can get through this together.

Whether you’re social-distancing, self-isolating or are simply in need of some major positive vibes to bless your timeline, we have a few easy tips on things you can do to remain positive during this confusing time.


Keep yourself busy 

Do something which will give you a sense of achievement, this can be something creative that will not only keep you busy but you can also show off your hard work on Instagram. Who knows, maybe you will inspire others to get creative? If you’ve finished all that and still find yourself panicking, try baking a cake or some cookies. It is the ultimate form of therapy and will definitely keep your mind busy!


Stimulate your mind 

When you’re chilling at home, it’s so easy to become stuck in this cycle of watching movies, eating snacks and scrolling mindlessly through the gram. Board games are such a good way to help break you out of that cycle! They stimulate the mind, increase your PMA and honestly, who doesn’t love a good game of monopoly?! So get your housemates together and indulge in a good game to combat those isolation blues.


Netflix and chill

Are you a chip and dip kinda hun? Can’t say no ice cream and chocolate? Or maybe you’re a bit of both, either way, kicking your feet up and binging a Netflix original with lots of snacks while social-distancing is a sure way to raise your spirits. If you’re a mindless Netflix scroller with not a single idea of what to watch, we recommend having a whole dedicated blog post on our netflix recommendations. Thank us later.


A little online shopping never hurt.

What is better than going out shopping? Shopping in your cosies with your feet up and a big fluffy blanket – that’s what! Online shopping will become your new bestie while social-distancing for sure. And don’t worry, we’ve got all the style inspo needed to get you through. From fluffy slippers to staying in loungewear, we have you covered for all your relaxing needs.


Facetime your besties.

Let’s be real, there’s nothing worse than not being able to hang out your gals over a bottomless brunch. But, health is wealth sis so it’s time to get creative with your socialising while social-distancing.

Facetiming with your huns while you both online shop is the best way to keep yourself from going crazy. If you’re wanting to keep up with all the gals at the same time but are restricted by Apple’s one-at-a-time Facetime system then why not try Facebook video chat? This way you don’t have to Facetime all your babes separately. Winner winner chicken dinner.


Okay babe, now you have the 411 on our tips and tricks on how to stay calm during this pandemic, you’re more than ready to go full boss babe mode through it. Just remember to keep calm and stay positive. You got this girl!