Tips to get you through working from home.

Every job is different and how much you're able to achieve varies between job types, employers, policies etc. Here are our best tips for working from home straight from people who have successfully worked remotely for a while.


Create a cute work space.

Let's be honest it's tempting to stay in bed or drive straight onto your sofa, from the real mvps in order to successfully work from home your best bet is to set up a workstation. Don't have a desk? Use your dining room table. Doing this also helps you maintain good posture, avoid distractions (we all love a good tik tok session) and leave your work behind at the end of your working day.


Stay active.

Open your windows to let in as much natural daylight and fresh air as possible. You could get out and take short walks with your pet, if you have one. Being sure to wash your hands when you get home. The important thing is to get up, get out and be active!


Stick to what you know.

Just because you're not driving and going into an office doesn't mean you should skip your morning routine! Wake up at your normal time, shower and get dressed, don’t stay in the same pjs you’ve been wearing for over a week. It may sound silly, but this really helps mentally prepare you for the day ahead and get into the "I'm a boss babe" mindset. It's also a good idea to keep a set schedule. If you usually work 9 to 5, don’t stop now sis.


Stay connected to your work wife.

If you work with a team, make sure to check in regularly just like you when in the office. Make to-do lists to keep yourself organized and focused, there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking things off your to-do list. If you’re a lazy girl voice notes are a must to catch up with your work besties. 


Sis, you can’t do everything.

Working from home, great time to catch up on chores around the house? No. now is not the time to start tidying up or putting in a load of washing. Same rules apply for other at home distractions. If you meal prep or are a snack queen in the office, do the same at home so you’re not trying to be Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen. If you don't watch TV at work lets try not to leave it on when working at home, even if it's just background noise.


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