Top 10 UK Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow

Girls, we’re all about getting inspo from the best UK fashion bloggers here at EGO and we know how important getting those outfit ideas is on all the latest trends. So we’ve put together our top 10 UK fashion bloggers for you to stay up to date with the latest style tips and killer combos so you can slay the fashion game and stay on top.

In The Frow

An image of UK fashion blogger Victoria at In The Frow

Credit: @inthefrow

We’re getting pure summer beach vibes with Victoria at In The Frow. With a PhD in Fashion Marketing, she knows her stuff and the outfits and shoe combos are hot AF. Keep your eyes on this one and follow her social handles for style inspo that slays.

Bisous Natasha

An image of UK fashion blogger Natasha at Bisous Natasha

Credit: @natashandlovu

Sometimes bloggers can get carried away with the high-end designers, but Natasha is all about those high street vibes and fast fashion, perfect for those on a budget! She’s one of our fave UK fashion bloggers and knows a bargain when she sees one.

5 Inch and Up

An image of uk fashion blogger Sandra at 5 Inch and Up

Credit: @5inchandup

In case you haven’t guessed already, Sandra at 5 Inch and Up is a big fan of heels (same, girl) and is one of the UK’s top fashion bloggers with a big focus on stilettos and heels. We can’t say we blame her!

Naomi Genes

An image of uk fashion blogger Naomi Genes

Credit: @naomigenes

Insta babe Naomi is a big fan of EGO. Can you remember her from our flawless Fashion Week campaign? If you missed out, we got you, you can catch up by reading our LFW Behind The Scenes blog. Naomi can mix it up with our kaia heels for a glam look, and she’s even hit the streets in our chunky trainers.

Alisha LeMay

An image of uk fashion blogger Alisha LeMay

Credit: @alishalemayx

Alisha LeMay is a fashion forward blogger who knows how to work a pair of killer heels. With honest reviews and top picks from her favourite fashion outlets, this blogger is worth having on your feed.

Too Much Is Not Enough

An image of uk fashion blogger Hannah Whiting from Too Much Is Not Enough

Credit: @imhannahwhiting

If you’re looking for some inspo on how to implement bold colours and statement pieces, then Too Much Is Not Enough is the blog for you. Manchester-based blogger, Hannah, has sharp eye for killer outfit combos and will have you wanting to step out of your comfort zone. Expect to see quirky shades and a sleek look.

What Olivia Did

An image of top uk fashion blogger Olivia from What Olivia Did

Credit: @livpurvis

We all love a pink themed blog, don’t we? 24 year old Olivia has us all envious of her fashion, travel and lifestyle blog What Olivia Did. Whether she’s eating an Insta-worthy brunch in a cute cafe or showing us how to work a cute blazer, Olivia is worth a follow.

Megan Ellaby

An image of top uk fashion blogger Megan Ellaby

Credit: @meganellaby

Another UK fashion blogger is 20 something Megan, who’s been running her blog for the past 5 years after creating an online diary of her time at Uni which turned into a full-time blog. Her feed is full of great style tips and outfit ideas to help us all nail this season’s trends, so there’s no excuse for boring outfits now!

Shot From The Street

An image of uk fashion blogger Lizzy Hadfield from Shot From The Street

Credit: @shotfromthestreet

If you’re looking for something different to spruce up your feed, then Shot From the Street is not your average blog. It’s based on Lizzy’s love of photography and is styled like a photo diary than your typical blog - and we love it! Not only is she a great photographer who knows a thing or two about working angles, she also has a killer shoe game and on point outfits.

Hannah Louise F

An image of uk fashion blogger Hannah Louise from Hannah Louise F

Credit: @hannahlouisef

Another high street aficionado, Hannah loves styling her high street bargains with a good pair of shoes. We love her grunge street style, a look that would defo go well with a pair of our biker boots!

Do you know any other top UK fashion bloggers that you think we could feature? Let us know by tweeting us or tagging us on Instagram!