10 Things Every Uni Student Needs

Off to Uni this month? We’ve complied a list of the top 10 things you’ll need before you go.


1. Fairy Lights

Because let’s face it, your room is probably going to look like a prison cell. Anything you can find to jazz it up will be well worthy a purchase. Fairy lights are a great start and can easily make even the grimiest of halls look a tad more welcoming.


2. Pictures

Again, halls aren’t cute. Plastering your pale green breeze block walls with a few photos of better times might help make your stay a little more bearable. We’re kidding of course, halls is so much fun, but photos will help ease the prison cell vibes.



3. Doorstop

One thing we wish we’d have known when we started. A doorstop means you won’t be cooped up alone in your room all day and instantly makes you look more welcoming. Looking welcoming = more friends so it’s a win-win situation. Don’t be that mysterious person nobody has ever seen. Heads up, textbooks just don't work as doorstops.



4. Alcohol

The inevitable downfall of your first year will be your new found best friend; alcohol. It’ll give you some of the best and worst memories of your life. Again, this will result in you skipping a few lectures due to being incredibly hungover but it’s ok; first year doesn’t count right?



5. Pizza & Orange Juice

To ease the pain caused by the above.



6. Paracetamol

When the above doesn’t ease the pain.



7. Student Discount Account

Loan day will quickly become one of your favourite days ever. Seeing all that dollar hit up your account is the best, there’s no feeling like it but be prepared for it to vanish fairly quickly. Signing up to a few student discount sites however will mean you get more for your money. There’s thousands of deals to be taken advantage of, including our very own student discount with Student Beans. Currently we’re offering 25% off everything to new students, but be quick! It won’t last much longer. Just like your loan. And your motivation.


8. Extension Cable

For days when you’re busy dying in bed, an extension cable is just what you need. Halls tend to be lacking in plug sockets and no one wants to have to get up and snooze the alarm when you’re hangin’. An extension cable means you can quickly snooze without leaving your bed, ensuring you don’t have to disturb the bangin’ headache you have.


9. Pack of Cards

Cards come in super handy for a number of drinking games. Forget scrabble, ring of fire, ride the bus, higher or lower, thumbmaster and cheat will all quickly become well known within your circles. Oh, and having a few spare packs of cards may also be handy; we guarantee they’ll end up incredibly sticky after just one use. No one enjoys peeling cards off the table the next day.



10. Bangin’ Shoes

Because no new term is complete without a new wardrobe. Whilst most uni’s are pretty casual, there’s no harm in dressing to impress. We’ve got a variety of styles suited to all your uni needs. Our LEIA trainers are perfect for rollin’ up to a lecture, whilst our VERALI boots are ideal for those more well-dressed days. For hanging round halls, the FARRAH sliders are what you need to avoid sticky floors and if you’re after some going out-out showstoppers, ARIANAVESENYA and EMMA are all your new BFF’S. The choices are endless.



We hope you enjoy your new term!