Send In The Angels

It's that time of year ladies where we all obsess, drool and feel a little down in the dumps. Yes people it's the Victoria's Secret show.

We saw so many backstage pictures that got us so JEL that we wanted to be there watching it live. We can't wait to watch the full show in December! 

We had hearts in our eyes all day long looking at all those gorgeous girls and we of course saw a burst of Pink, because you know the show wouldn't be the same without that colour?!

If you haven't had a chance to see all the pics from the Show then it's your lucky day! Take a look at the most stand out images we could find from the main event.. your going to love it! 


Behind The scenes 


Pre showtime and the ladies all preen themselves makin' them look even more beautiful. Yeah, as if that's even possible right?

Take a nosy below at a few snapshots of the models gettin' all set up for the curtain call.





It's Showtime!

Time for the main event where the ladies rolled out one by one showcasing different outfits and themes for VS new lines.

Tall, slender and amazingly good lookin', the models were werkin' it  from head to toe. 

See below for some drool worthy photo's of the ladies themselves. 




Get The Look:

-Ellie Goulding wearing a lace up caged heel- See our EGO version here 



Be sure to watch Decemeber 8th as this goes live on CBS for all of us to see.


With love, The EGO Team x