What Shoe You Should Be Wearing Based on Your Horoscope

Whether you’re ruled by your zodiac sign or a horoscope sceptic we’re firm believers that everyone has that perfect shoe that will fit just like Cinderella’s glass slipper and we’re using your sign to find it!

Take a look and find out which shoe you are according to your horoscope and find your ‘Sole mate’ (Cheesy we know).



Shoe & colour: True, Red

Element: Fire

Famous Aries celeb: Kourtney Kardashian

Description: You have confidence that is contagious, sis and these are the heels to match. Prepare to be the life of the party (as per) in our killer ‘True’ heels which offer guaranteed attention and major selfies just as you like.


Shoe & colour: Levi, Reflective

Element: Earth

Famous Taurus celeb: Gigi Hadid

Description: You can smell a fake from miles away gal but there’s no mistaking you in these reflective heels, you always shine through. You’re protective of those you love and when tested have and edge yourself so ‘Levi’ is the perfect fit. 



Shoe & colour: Eve, Black

Element: Air

Famous Gemini celeb: Angelina Jolie

Description: We know you’ve got beauty and brains, Gemini. You can smooth talk your way out of any situation so this style reflects your mix of sassy but sophisticated at the same time. 


Shoe & colour: Highland, Pink

Element: Water

Famous Cancer celeb: Ariana Grande

Description: As a highkey romantic, it’s only fitting that you’d be pretty in pink, gal. People think your sweet a pie but little do they know you’re filled with spice and never shy from a challenge.


Shoe & colour: Starlight, Silver holo

Element: Fire

Famous Leo celeb: Kylie Jenner

Description: You’re extra af and there’s nothing like ‘Starlight’ to reflect that, literally. You’re loyal to the core and the ultimate sweetest soul when treated well but show the Leo bad vibes and you’ll regret it.


Shoe & colour: Virgo Grey Snake

Element: Earth

Famous Virgo celeb: Beyonce

Description: You are loyal, kind and optimistic always but your friends love that you can also act as a chief investigator for them. Not only are these shoes named after you but they also represent that fact you’re a classy lady with a freaky side. 


Shoe & colour: Moonlight, Blue

Element: Air

Famous Libra celeb: Kim Kardashian

Description: We know you love the finer things in life gal and these are the shoes to show it. Fun, flirty and charming these are the heels you need to find your Prince Charming on a night out…and then ignore this message the next day.


Shoe & colour: Vakili, Black

Element: Water

Famous Scorpio celeb: Kendall Jenner

Description: You have no time for BS and can always play the game better than anyone else. Your flirty nature and mysterious personality match these hunreal boots so you’re ready to walk all over the competition.



Shoe & colour: River, Pink

Element: Fire

Famous Sagittarius celeb: Hailey Bieber

Description: Brutally honest, DGAF and fearless. You are a force to be reckoned with sis so you need bad ass heels to match. You desire to be recognised and these stand-out heels will ensure you’re not one to forget.


Shoe & colour: Brave, White

Element: Earth

Famous Capricorn celeb: Kate Moss

Description: As a natural born leader doll you obviously need to be wearing ‘Brave’. Use these hot steppers to help you walk your way towards those big dreams of yours. 


Shoe & colour: Tropez, Blue

Element: Air

Famous Aquarius celeb: Jennifer Aniston 

Description: You’re super fun loving and smart, babe. You rock a unique fashion sense that others envy. Use these trendsetters to set the standard high.



Shoe & colour: Priya, Blue

Element: Water

Famous Pisces celeb: Rihanna

Description: You’re always found day-dreaming about your fantasy world, super cute Pisces. You have an eye for aesthetics and are very creative so you’ll love getting lost in Priya’s laces.

Well what are you waiting for, click here to get shopping for your perfect style right now sis!