Maxi Skirt Co-ords

Show off your fashion prowess to the world with our collection of mesmerising maxi skirt co-ords at EGO. These maxi skirt and top sets radiate confidence and style, designed to make a bold statement wherever you go. For situations where you want to be casual or crank up the classness, our maxi skirt and women's tops sets are sure to create a captivating fit. 

Our maxi skirt and top sets are ideal for the summer and will ensure that you radiate magnetic charm. For a flawlessly elegant look, these maxi skirt co-ords give the seamless and polished appearance you’re after. The maxi length adds some drama and sophistication to your wardrobe, commanding attention with every stride. From fancy soirées to casual outings, our maxi skirt co-ords are the go-to choice for those who want to make a statement and leave an unforgettable impression.

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  1. Twist Detail Split Leg Maxi Skirt In White Sequin
    As low as £12.00 ( 66% off) Regular Price £35.00
  2. Bandeau Twist Detail Bralet In Black Slinky
    As low as £5.00 ( 76% off) Regular Price £21.00
  3. Bandeau Twist Detail Bralet In Ivory Slinky
    As low as £8.00 ( 53% off) Regular Price £17.00
  4. Plunge Ring Detail Textured Crop Top In Green
    As low as £20.00 ( 33% off) Regular Price £30.00
  5. Low Cut Bra Top In Brown Metallic Plisse
    As low as £8.00 ( 43% off) Regular Price £14.00
  6. Bandeau Ladder Detail Crop Top In Black Knit
    As low as £2.00 ( 87% off) Regular Price £15.00
  7. Ruched Strap Detail Bralet In Brown Plisse
    As low as £5.00 ( 78% off) Regular Price £23.00
  8. Fringe Detail Triangle Bra Top In Brown Crochet
    As low as £5.00 ( 76% off) Regular Price £21.00
  9. Bandeau Long Sleeve Textured Crop Top In Pink
    As low as £5.00 ( 76% off) Regular Price £21.00
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