Ripped Jeans

For the edgy, rock chick look that serves time and time again, get yourself a pair of ripped jeans from the elite EGO collection. The rougher look these jeans offer is one that never fails to leave an impression, so go all out with the offbeat elegance with our top picks.

Any grunge goddess looking for ripped jeans unlike anything else is sure to eat up these looks. We’ve got distinctive ripped jeans for every kind of girl, whether you’re just dipping your toe into the raw and real style or are a certified urban rebel. Black ripped jeans can help keep your fit relatively low-key with a little sass for good measure, or you can turn up the volume with some ripped camo print jeans.

Even with their unique look, our ripped jeans for women can effortlessly be combined with plenty of pieces for different outfits every time. Combine with our women’s sunglasses and a metallic bikini top for a head-turning festival outfit or throw on an oversized knitted jumper for rule-breaker glam. For looks both retro and new, stay on trend at EGO.

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