Denim Skirts

When has denim ever not been hot? Like, never. A denim skirt is simply unmatched and easily upgrades your outfits to the next level. Our range of skirts is home to looks exclusively for the it girls, and our denim skirts for women are no exception.

The 90s girl in you is begging for a denim moment, and we’re here to serve it. It’s way too iconic of a piece for just one fit, so mix and match it with everything, it couldn’t be easier. Don a denim co-ord for a complete denim outfit even Britney and JT would envy, or add some sass to the jeans and a nice top vibe with a denim mini skirt and cute crop top.

The best thing about our denim skirts? They look stunning in just about every sitch. Wear them for your festival outfits, holiday outfits, or your day drinks outfits. Honestly, they just werk. So find your next unique look here, as the outfit possibilities are endless at EGO.

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  1. Frayed Edge Detail Mini Skirt In Dark Blue Denim
    As low as £8.00 ( 71% off) Regular Price £28.00
  2. Distressed Detail Mini Skirt In Washed Stone Denim
    As low as £12.00 ( 56% off) Regular Price £27.00
  3. High Waist Sequin Detail Mini Skirt In Blue Denim
    As low as £9.99 ( 52% off) Regular Price £21.00
  4. Mini Bodycon Skirt In White Denim Print Slinky
    As low as £4.99 ( 58% off) Regular Price £12.00
  5. Reworked Style Detail Mini Skirt In Blue Denim
    As low as £12.00 ( 54% off) Regular Price £26.00
  6. Mini Skirt In Grey Acid Wash Denim
    As low as £4.99 ( 77% off) Regular Price £22.00
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