Low Block Heels

Day or night - heels are always a good idea. But no doubt we’ve all experienced uncomfortable heels which leave your feet in pain the next day. Sometimes, it just isn’t the vibe. For the heel-phobic gal, a pair of low-block heel sandals from EGO is soon to be your bestie for the to-die-for looks without discomfort.

Our low-block heels are perfect for anyone who loves to dance until dawn whilst staying as stylish as poss. Pair your fave low block heel sandals with one of our gorgeous bodycon dresses with some statement rings, and you have yourself ultimate glamour.

We’ve got even more flawless outfit ideas to make your low-block heel look perfect from head to toe. Our picks would be to match the whole vibe up with a blazer and trouser co-ord or a cute mini dress, but your impeccable taste is of course yours. We can't wait to see you slay in our low-block heel sandals at EGO.

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