10 Festival Makeup Looks You Need To Try

Summer is on its way and festival season has officially started. We couldn’t be more excited! Festivals mean going a little bit more out there than you usually would with your clothes, makeup and hair. Don’t worry though girls, we got you covered with all the inspo you need to stand out from the crowd at whatever band you’re watching. First up, let’s talk makeup…

An image of a girl wearing glitter in a tear drop style, a classic festival makeup look

Glitter is a must when it comes to festival makeup. Rock it under your eyes in tear drop style lines for a super cool look that no one will miss. This one ain’t for the faint hearted.


An image of blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson showing us her festival makeup with chunky glitter

We all know that Sophie Hannah Richardson is the absolute queen of festival looks, and this one is no different. Apply your makeup as normal then add chunky glitter, gems and small glitter to your cheekbones, forehead and chest to mix it up for an extreme festival makeup look.


An image of girl showing her festival makeup using bright eyeshadow colours

Not a fan of glitter? Don’t worry, your festival makeup can still be bold with bright and shimmering colours. Using a different colour eyeshadow under your lashline is the perfect way to spruce up your everyday makeup without going too wild. Test out different colours to see what works best with your eye colour and outfit. Either way, this look is super cute.


An image of a woman wearing simple festival makeup

Colour not your thing either? Then this look is for you. It’s super minimal with the teeniest hint of festival fun. Apply makeup as normal, then add some tribal style lines above the eye. It's simple and doesn't require a lot of effort. We're loving this oh so summery vibe.


An image of a woman showing her festival makeup look including glitter and gems

Wanna get loud? Then you need colourful eyeshadows, glitter, gems and more. This look is really fun and bold; perfect if you wanna get a little bit more dressy with your look.


An image of Lulutrixabelle and her festival makeup

Another queen of the festival makeup is Lulutrixbelle, who sure as hell knows how to work some gliter. We love how she’s matched her lip colour to her hair too, a really cool touch. This look is ideal if you don’t mind waking up the next day with glitter still all over your face (because we all know how difficult it is to remove).


An image of a woman with a silver coloured lipstick

Wanna keep all eyes on your outfit? Keep your makeup simple and jazz things up with a brightly coloured lip. Whether you wanna wear pink, red, orange, green, blue, purple or black; playing with your lipstick is an easy way to transition your look from everyday to festival.


An image of a woman wearing stars under her eyes

We love this really simple star makeup look. It’s easy to wear, easy to apply and looks amazing. This look is ideal if you’re not fully sure about how to apply a full face of glitter, you can simply stick the stars on using some lip balm and you’re good to go. 

An image of a model with bright festival makeup

Go bright with a pastel blue eyeshadow above and under the eyeline and make those cheeks peachy with a pink blush, then finish the look off with a glittery lip and a pastel pink wig for an ultimate colour match. 

An image of a girl wearing festival makeup including large glitter gems

Go full glitter glam and make sure you don't get lost in the crowd with large glitter gems and sprinkled glitter underneath for a full layered glitter look. Festival makeup isn't complete without a glitter hairstyle either, so get creative!




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