10 Festival Makeup Looks You Need To Try

Summer is on its way, which means festival season is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited. Festival season is the perfect excuse to go a little more OTT with your hair and makeup after you get yourself some fresh new festival clothes. But if you’re struggling for makeup inspo, don’t worry girl – we’ve got your back with some of the sassiest makeup looks to make sure you’re standing out from the crowd.

Glitter, glitter and more glitter

An image of a girl wearing glitter in a tear drop style, a classic festival makeup look

Festival glitter makeup is one of the most enjoyable parts of the festival experience. Whether you’re rockin’ it under your eyes, on your lips or along your cheekbones – it’ll make sure you’re nailin’ that festival aesthetic. Throw all the makeup you need in a fancy bag and complete your look with a well-needed accessory: both practical and stylish!

Sophie Hannah style

We all know that Sophie Hannah Richardson is the absolute queen of festival makeup looks, and this one is no exception. Simply apply your base as you would usually then add an array of chunky glitter and gems to your cheekbones, forehead, and chest for the ultimate festival look. 

An image of blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson showing us her festival makeup with chunky glitter

Eyeshadow chic

An image of girl showing her festival makeup using bright eyeshadow colours

If you’re not a fan of glitter, then this one’s for you. With bright and shimmering colours, this one of our festival makeup looks will have you standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Don’t be afraid to go bold with this look – use a range of brightly-coloured eyeshadows to make sure your eyes are poppin’. 

Subtle but substantial

An image of a woman wearing simple festival makeup

If you’re not a fan of brightly-coloured eyeshadow and can’t bear the thought of having glitter on your face, then this is the perfect look for you. It’s minimal with just the teeniest hint of festival fun. Simply apply your makeup as you would normally, then add some tribal-style lines above your brows. This simple festival makeup look will go perfectly with a vivid co-ord outfit and will have all eyes on you.

Under the sea 

An image of a woman showing her festival makeup look including glitter and gems

Wanna channel your inner mermaid, girl? Then you need this look in your life. You’ll need to get your hands on all of the colourful eyeshadows, glitter, and gems for the ultimate stand-out look. To get the mermaid scale look, simply take a pair of fishnet tights and stretch them over your forehead. Then take green and purple eyeshadows and pat them over the tights. Finally, take a little bit of pearlescent highlighter and lightly pat that over the eyeshadows. You’ll be left with a sassin’ mermaid look in no time.

Just like Lulutrixbelle 

An image of Lulutrixabelle and her festival makeup

Another queen of festival makeup looks is Lulutrixbelle, who sure as hell knows how to work some festival glitter makeup. We love this cool-gal look with a killer combo of glitter and a bold lip. This look is perfect if you don’t mind waking up with glitter all over your bed, face, hair…and who knows where else!

Festival future 

An image of a woman with a silver coloured lipstick

This is the ultimate festival makeup look for all you edgy gals out there. Simple but effective, this look will have all eyes on you and your outfit. Team space buns with a glowy highlighted base, OTT highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes, and a sassin’ metallic lip.  Add some biker boots to your look for that extra edge. You’re gon’ look so cool, gal. 

Vibrant and flashy

An image of a model with bright festival makeup

This look is super-easy and even more effective. Blend a pastel blue eyeshadow along your socket before smudging it along your lash line. Then add a pop of colour to your cheeks with a peachy pink blush and finish with a glittery lip and pastel wig for a festival look that everyone will be talkin’ about. You could even add a vibrant bodycon dress to your look for that extra flair.

Glitter to the max

An image of a girl wearing festival makeup including large glitter gems

Girl, if you ain’t afraid of finding glitter in your hair for weeks after the festival, then this is one of our best festival makeup looks for you. Start out with your usual makeup routine, keeping it simple and glowy, before applying all of the glitter to your cheekbones, gems to your forehead, and chunky glitter to your hair. Trust us, gal – it’s worth it.

Festival makeup looks at EGO

Now you’ve found some snazzy festival makeup looks, you can complete your outfit with EGO. Accessories can add even more flair to your look, and some glamorous shorts, skirts, or crop tops will keep you cool in the warm weather.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about our selection of festival looks or a recent order, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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