The Best European City Breaks for a #GalsTrip

Whether you’re not a fan of the beach, or just fancy a weekend away with the gals – a European city break is the perfect option for a gals’ trip. Whether you want to explore a new culture, taste-test some new cuisines or just do all of the shopping – these are the best destinations for a city break.

#1 Copenhagen, Denmark

European city break

Copenhagen is a firm-favourite among city break devotees. Voted one of the happiest cities in the world, the city is full of the cutest cobbled streets, buzzin’ bars and the most Insta-worthy brunches. 

If you’re an adrenaline junkie – a trip to Tivoli Gardens is essential. The amusement park opened in 1843, making it the second-oldest theme park in the world. It boasts a mix of thrilling rides, attractions and performances, so it has something for erryone.

 For the Disney lovers in your group, the Little Mermaid Statue is one of the most popular landmarks in the city. Not quite Ariel, but the statue was created in 1913 as a tribute to the Hans Christian Andersen, the author of The Little Mermaid. 

But that’s not all – Copenhagen will provide you with the Insta feed of dreams. From Insta-worthy food to the most beautiful architecture, your camera roll will be filled with lil’ gems to get those likes rollin’ in, girl.

#2 Barcelona, Spain

Perhaps one of the most popular European city break destinations, Barcelona is a city of culture. Packed full of amazing restaurants, shops and incredible architecture – Barcelona is definitely one to tick off your bucket list. 

Whether you’re looking to have a couple of cocktails with your gals, or you’d rather be out until the early hours – Barcelona’s nightlife has got something for everyone. From world-famous clubs like Shok, Pacha and Catwalk to Primavera festival in July – you’ll never be far from a good night out in the city. 

What makes Barcelona stand out from the other European city break destinations is that it’s home to some of the very best beaches in Europe. So after a hard morning’s shopping, you and your gals can spend the afternoon chillin’ on the beach – ideal.

#3 Lisbon, Portugal

Beautiful, budget-friendly and unique – Lisbon is the perfect destination for a trip with your gals. There’s so much going on in the city – it’s impossible to run out of things to do. From events and exhibitions to flea markets and rooftop bars – there’s so much to see and do in this quaint city. 

If you’re a babe on a budget – Lisbon is the ideal destination. The average meal costs around 15 euros and your caffeine fix will set you back just 1 euro, leaving more in your budget for the boutique shopping – it’s a win-win. 

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Lisbon also benefits from great weather – with soaring summer temperatures reaching 35°C, and winter temperatures averaging 15°C. So grab your fave sandals and sunnies and hop on a plane to Portugal’s capital.

#4 Prague, Czech Republic

Just like Lisbon, Prague is another top destination for babes on a budget – meaning you can spend more on your ‘drobe before you go – winner.

 Prague is home to the largest castle complex in the world, aptly named ‘Prague Castle’, and every Prin needs a castle, right? Set aside a day to wander around the castle’s fairy tail-like courtyards,  gardens and palaces – you’ll defo get some Insta-worthy photos here. Whether or not you choose to take your tiara is up to you. 

Swap cocktails for beers in the beer capital of the world. But if you just can’t bring yourself to chug a pint, then why not chill out at a beer spa? Yep, you heard us right – Prague is home to some pretty quirky spa experiences, based on their fave beverage. You can hop into a tub filled with the natural ingredients used for beer brewing while helping yourself to unlimited tub-side beers. Weird? Maybe. Unmissable? Definitely!

#5 Berlin

Berlin is one city you must visit with your gals. Full of the best shops, restaurants and nightlife – a weekend simply isn’t enough to get the most out of this city. 

Additionally, Berlin has got a booming vegan scene. So whether you’re a plant-based babe or just fancy sampling some new, healthy cuisine, Berlin is the place to be. Daluma is one must-visit for any health food lovers. From design-your-own salad bowls to the most insta-worthy Acai bowls – this hipster joint is the perfect brunch spot after a night out in the city. 

Speaking of nights out, Berlin’s nightlife is second to none. The elusive Berghain club attracts thousands of visitors each year – but as one of the world’s most exclusive clubs, you’d better bring your A game in order to get past Sven, the uber-picky doorman. Surprisingly, though – a your fave pair of heels could actually prevent you from getting in. Berlin is super laid-back when it comes to nights out, so leave your heels at home and opt for flats or trainers to increase your chances of passing through Berghain’s doors.

 Berlin is a city full of so much History – so you’ll want to spend a few days exploring the city’s most historical landmarks. From the Brandenburg gate to the East Side Gallery (Insta feed heaven, FYI) – you’ll never be far away from a historical landmark in Berlin.

And there you have it – whether you’re looking to brush up on your history knowledge, sample some new food or hang out on the beach – these five European city breaks are the places to visit on your next trip with your gals.


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