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EGO’s 10 Minute Full Body Workout At Home

Can’t get to your gym and worried about not achieving your 2020 fitness goals? You might not be able to go to your usual spin classes and have access to the weight section, but a home workout means that you can try something new in the comfort of your living room.


Go for goals with our easy, full body workout at home. Get your dream summer body by following our step-by-step workout guide, a mix of basic cardio and bodyweight resistance exercises. We know you’ve got this, sis!



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Date Night Ideas At Home

Just because your social life is non-existent, doesn’t mean your love lives have to be. If you live with bae and you are bored of rewatching the same crappy TV shows again and again, we have got some fun date night ideas you can do at home.

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Comfy PJ’s Every Babe Needs RN

If you’re reading this and you’re self-isolating or social distancing, you’ve got this! We’re all in this together and we’re trying our best to keep all of our EGO babes feeling positive, inspired and super cosy. Here are the comfy PJs you need to add to bag RN.

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5 April Fool’s Pranks Guaranteed To Have Your Housemates Confused AF.

False new releases, TV shows and reunions, April Fool’s is just a day to prove how gullible we all are. We can’t even count how many times we were let down on the day and then when you find out it was just a classic April Fool’s joke, you spend the rest of the day wishing they were true.


Here are some of the best April Fool’s pranks of all time, that are super easy to execute, and barely cost a thing.


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13 Friends Facts You Never Knew

Who was supposed to play Chandler? Where did the props come from? Was the coffee even real? If you’re a die hard Friends fan like we are then this is the post for you, we’ve scoured the internet for 13 facts about Friends that you never knew.

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Our Top 10 IG Babes With Attitude.

While most of us will be staying at home over the next few weeks, it doesn't mean we can’t still work a killer shoe-drobe.


Whether you’re self-isolating, social distancing or just doing your bit to act more responsibly, here’s some style inspo from some of our fave IG babes…

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7 Of Our Fav Tips To Unwind

The world is a pretty confusing place atm and it’s important that we all try and stay inside. So if you need a lil pick me up (because I mean who doesn’t rn???), unwinding and relaxing is the answer. 

Self-isolation can be really hard to deal with, but it’s totally normal to feel a bit under the weather. Here are a few little tips we’ve put together for you to look after your wellbeing during this time.

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