5 April Fool’s Pranks Guaranteed To Have Your Housemates Confused AF.

False new releases, TV shows and reunions, April Fool’s is just a day to prove how gullible we all are. We can’t even count how many times we were let down on the day and then when you find out it was just a classic April Fool’s joke, you spend the rest of the day wishing they were true.

Here are some of the best April Fool’s pranks of all time, that are super easy to execute, and barely cost a thing.


All eyes on you

Glue a pair of googly eyes on every single item within the fridge — so the condiments appear to stare back when someone opens the door. This works great with all types of fruit and veg.


What's all the noise?

Place bubble wrap under an area rug or a bath mat for a rude surprise when a passerby steps down. This one’s great for first thing in the morning, before your housemate has had any coffee — nothing like a loud, unexpected noise to wake someone up real quick!


Unfamiliar Faces

Swap out the photos in your home’s frames, or in your workplace’s employee gallery wall. Replace the familiar faces with pics of celebs, politicians, or historic figures. What — you never knew George Clooney was a distant cousin…?


Spill the tea? Or water

Place an upside down glass of water on your housemate’s desk or table and let them figure out how to remove the glass without causing the water inside to spill. To do this, fill a glass with water and then place a card over the top before turning it upside down quickly on the surface. Then carefully remove the card.


Un-lucky hun

Print the image out of the corner of a £20 note, then leave a little note confessing your brilliant prank. Leave the corner with the £20 note visible either under the fridge or the sofa, somewhere that is obvious but not too obvious…

What are you waiting for? April Fool’s day only comes around once a year!  Fancy another cool read head on over to our blog for more fun and cool content.